Gearbox! Please bring back the unkempt Harold!

The unkempt Harold was by far (in my opinion) the absolute best pistol in BL2, when using Salvador having the grog nozzle and the Bee sheild? Forget about it…that gun packs a massive wallop. You guys brought back some great weapons but this will be an even better addition to the loot pool.

Please do this for us fans, bring back a special pack of slag weapons in a Dlc where the vault hunters investigate an old hyperion outpost and come across the slag tech. That way you’re not changing too much!! Thanks guys
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Vanquisher rockets already explode to a slag like substance; add the “its piss” grenade and you basically have slag

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If they bring back slag I’ll quit playing. Horrible lazy gameplay mechanic and design. Buff your enemies to the point where you require a debuff to be constantly applied to them in order to beat them, forcing you to play this little game of swapping between shooting debuff, shooting regular weapon, shooting debuff, shooting regular weapon, ad nauseam. Playing an entire game like that is not fun. It’s stupid.


Yea, if you want slag and a Harold try re running BL 2. :smiley::joy:


I get what your saying.

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Yeah, this. And get an It’s Piss if you want slag back in 3.

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Lol I guess its BL2 for me then. Thanks… …

I’ve got no problems with the DPUH coming back of course but I do doubt it’s going to happen any time soon. There are already 10 legendary Torgue pistols, the Carbuncle is hardly a slouch either and the Carbuncle pretty much fills the same roll as the DPUH did anyway.

If Purple Carbuncles would just drop I’d be happy to be honest…

The Bee and Slag are better off gone. The Unforgiven probably should have gone the way of the Dodo too.


One of the best decisions GBX made was NOT bringing the Harold and the Bee back for BL3. Those + the Grog are the prime examples of crutch gear.

I said it before release and I’ll say it again: the Pimpernel was my favorite weapon in BL2 by far. I don’t want to see a Pimp in BL3. I want a new sniper so awesome it makes me forget the Pimp ever existed. The Monocle was pretty dang close. And then Mayhem 4 happened…


I’d like to see the Harold back, that would be fun in this game as long as they didn’t ruin it completely.

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might as well bring grog back

Thank you dragon at least someone agrees with me for once, I appreciate you not trying to make me feel like I committed a crime for having an opinion.

I like the gun because it was fun to use and it was a beast. But I dont know why it has to be a"lazy" gun when accompanied with slag…again it was only an opinion.

I agree with you regarding the Carbuncle - a purple variant would be awesome either with lower ammo consumption per shot or a larger magazine. I hated slag in BL2 and am happy it doesn’t feature in BL3.
There is however a Bee shield of sorts in BL3.
It is called the ‘One Shotter Shield’ and all 3 slots for the shield are ‘Amp’.
It gives you 100% damage increase for 20% of your shield.
Capacity is approx 5000, Recharge delay is 2.2 seconds and recharge rate is 8850 and I hate to say it but after the Back Ham it is my favourite shield.

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Try the Thorns, i love that gun. It is almost like a Harold, multiple bullets, only it also has corrosive

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@Doc_Scott19. That one-shot shield sounds like a lot of fun! Would you be willing to trade?

I have one and I am looking forward to wrecking Jacks Hyperion minions with it in the new DLC.

Sorry @whatevercb but it is the ONLY item that I have found that I wouldn’t trade.

I weep a solemn tear! :yum:. If you ever find a way to ‘share’ it, let me know!! :smiley:

what if they brought it back but it was like the new hell fire…

Pimp was pretty much Broken on certain builds. Another crutch weapon we don’t need in B3 but would be a lot of fun