Gearbox, Please buff El Dragon's max health

I am glad our feedback means something. First off, myself and other fellow Battleborn players, are happy that El dragon’s attack damage was nerf abit, simply because it was OP. Destroying anything and everything that got in his way of victory. With that being said, Since the patch, in my opinion I feel that his Max health and his dragon splash height are to low now. Having a max of 975 and a height that is just above most players heads, He can be easily bum rushed and picked apart without any effort. May I suggest a rebalance to his max health and dragon splash height. His health is probably one of the lowest in the game at the moment. I enjoy playing with this character, but I don’t enjoy having to run away constantly and needing help (Assistance) from a teammate, a bot , thrall, or turret to stay in the fight and achieve a kill, before he is taken down. Thanks

I agree completely with the height but have to disagree with his health nerf. It really impacted his early game but with some of the helix choices later on it really doesn’t impact him late game. (which is where he shines) I think he is really balanced right where he is since he should struggle a little early game then after hitting level 4 become a powerhouse initiator that can really impact the game.