Gearbox please buff shredifier and dictator next please and i’ll love you

Shredifier is very under performing. Maybe a 10%-15% buff?

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Dude you must be kidding they need about 150%


Are you playing Mayhem mode? If you can get to M6 try a Monarch in leu of a Dictator.

I love the “bullet hose” playstyle in general and Vladof is my favorite manufacturer in this game.
As for the weapon damage suggestions and discussion I will be focusing on max level (65 as of this writing) mayhem 10, since most legendaries perform well on the story mode anyways.

The Shredifier is one of my favorite weapons in the game. I have to agree with @Hexxusz0r in here since I also feel it needs a little extra oomph in its base damage especially on the higher Mayhem levels. Currently Its damage is around the low to mid 2000’s so a 150% increase should be just what it needs to deal meaningful damage on mayhem 10.

I would also like a better loot source to drop from or making it a guaranteed drop(or a drop cance around 50% or more from its current source).

Getting to round 5 on Slaughter Shaft for it to not drop from the Raging Titan boss can be quite dissapointing and feel like a chore to farm. Compared to other gear that outperforms it, The Shredifier is a weapon that players will most likely go out of their way to farm it even though better options are available (Monarch, Lightshow to name a few).

Last but not least, Underbarrels: remove the generic grenade launcher for an underbarrel option (We have the Dowsing Rod for this for DLC3 players). I would much rather have a bipod or my favorite: double barrel.

As for The Dictator, just like @vCarpeDiemv says it sadly got overshadowed by its mayhem 6 counterpart The Monarch. Although it might not be a bad idea to increase its weapon damage to do about a 75% (or maybe even 80%) of the base damage of The Monarch. For Reference, The Monarch currently does roughly around 2x~2.5x the base damage of The Dictator.

Hopefully both weapons get the love they deserve at some point, although i am mostly hoping on the Shreddifier to be buffed first if anything.

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