@Gearbox: PLEASE finally fix the siren radiation anointment

I hate to make a thread in the general discussion but honestly I don’t know how to get through to you about this. I’ve reported this to support weeks ago and was told it’d been passed on to the devs, but nothing has happened since.

The siren radiation anointment on guns ("+130% bonus radiation damage for a short time") still does only +40% damage. It’s been this way since release. The card once said “+20%”, then it said “+75%”, now it says “+130%”, but it has always been +40%.

It used to be a slightly worse alternative to the character-independent “+50% bonus radiation damage on next 2 mags”, but now that’s been raised to +100% while siren rad is still only +40%, making it useless.

I suppose this siren-specific anointment was meant to be somewhat more powerful than the generic “next 2 mags” one, but in fact it’s far weaker.

Please, please finally fix this.


I think this fix is in a long line of fixes that are queued up. Of all the VHs Amara has it the best. I wouldn’t expect this to get fixed quickly.

At least it does it’s job at creating extra projectiles on weapons like the recursion, so it’s not totally useless…

Sure, but why did they bother to “buff” the anointment from 75% to 130% if it wasn’t working to begin with?

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The card text seems to be tied to Moze’s “bonus incendiary damage while Iron Bear is active” anointment (also 130% now), but the actual value never matched it

I submitted a support ticket for this several weeks ago. According to the support guy who was corresponding with me, he made it seem like this was an unknown issue. He also took alot of convincing/he was trying to tell me it was due to my computer etc.

Also wanted me to make video proof, I linked him zkarma’s video on it lol

The support people don’t know anything about this game. They were completely worthless on all of the tickets that I submitted.

still bad tho considering the projectile only dealing 40% AND more chance to crash your game

The front-line support aren’t the developers, and they’re filtering out all the low-hanging fruit so the devs can stay focused on actual issues. I don’t know numbers, but I’m sure quite a few of their support tickets can legitimately be fixed by verifying the game files, restarting clients (anyone here work in I.T.? You know what time it is).

They’re also asking for that sort of support so if/when they do throw something at the devs, it’s not just, “hey, this guy said this thing doesn’t work”, there’s something they can act on, reproduce the issue, whatever (otherwise the ticket is kind of wasted).

That said, I’m inferring a lot here, but as someone who personally deals with maybe a dozen system vendors at work, all of whom have this front-line triage unit for cases, this is a pretty common setup.

What I’d love is to have direct access to the devs. With our major systems at work, if we (as customers) demonstrate that we’re not cretins when it comes to understanding and using their system, we automatically get forwarded to higher-level tech support because everything we bring to them is legit. (I’m not too proud to say that we’re one of our biggest system favorites because we crush it when it comes to this sort of thing… straight to the software engineers when we call, but I digress.)

If you’ve got a thing that you’d like addressed, it’s worth submitting a ticket, because if it’s actually a thing, this will put a blip on the devs radar (more tickets, bigger blip). It’s kind of a hassle, but it’s an offline conversation, and you can do like a reply a day over the course of a week or whatever, convincing the front-line person that it can’t be fixed with their catalogue of simple fixes, and providing enough evidence so whoever actually looks after it has enough information to proceed.

Also keep in mind that just because it’s on their radar doesn’t mean it’s a priority fix. It’s in the queue, but we don’t know what number it’s got. I’ve got a report about Destructo Spinner behavior in front of the devs, and if I see that addressed any time in the next year, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Oh I get what you’re saying, but I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with computer issues and programming issues. I understand that have to filter out the BS from the real.

It’s just frustrating when it’s very evident that there is a bug but the guy spends 3 emails trying to convince you to restart your computer or verify game file integrity lmao


First of all thanks GBX for fixing the description/effect mismatch with today’s patch, but… it still does only 40%, only the text has changed. In this state it’s still useless and there’s zero reason for it to exist next to the character-independent +100% radiation ASE. Honestly, it’d have been better to just delete this anointment together with all the others that were removed in this patch.