Gearbox please fix dedicated drops

Hey gearbox, I’m really glad you guys added dedicated drop sources at the player’s requests, but for me at least half of them are either bugged or the drop rate is so low that you have a better chance getting the item as a world drop.

I’m not exaggerating, I spent quite literally DAYS farming Borman Nate’s for a fire cutsman. Out of easily 150+ kills I two and they were both corrosive. I gave up and eventually got one as a world drop. Now trying to get a faisor from Atomic, same exact scenario. I’m at around 100 kills, absolutely nothing. The fact that mayhem modes and luck stats don’t effect drop rates of dedicated drops… guys please be reasonable with this. I don’t expect it to be a cake walk to get everything I want, but nobody enjoys spending dozens of hours of their life to try to get a single in game item!

Thanks :slight_smile:


This was addressed in yesterday’s update. There’s a couple of bosses that didn’t make it into the update, but those are being added by hotfix. Take the new drop rates out for a spin and see how it feels now.

I did, did 100 kills for the Its Piss grenade. I found World Drops… not even one dedicated drop. Kinda sucks to suck. Took me like 3-4 hours.

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It’s to early to tell of course but i didn’t see a huge improvement in my case (farming billy on M4 for raging bear mod)

If that was your idea of fixed then I would hate to see what broken is. You still have a less than 1 in 1,000 chance of getting a specific dedicated drop with a specific anointment. That is post “fix”. I would like to see you run through one of the Trials a few hundred times on M4 and still not getting what you want. See if you still think it’s fixed. Farm 8 hours a day for a week, and still not get what you want, and tell me how fixed you think that is.

Saying this is fixed is insulting. It’s horribly broken, it’s just imperceptibly less broken than it was yesterday. Instead of having a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting what you want you now have a 1 in 8,000 chance of getting what you want. It’s definitely NOT fixed.


I never said anything about the rate of anointments on drops and neither - as far as I can recall - did the patch notes. Designated drop rates have been increased; the notes do not say by how much, and you are still at the mercy of RNGesus when it comes to runs of good and bad luck.

I have no idea what the internal discussion at GBX is on this issue. I suspect they aren’t fully done with drop rates in Mayhem mode, and I’m sure they’ll be watching the data as they always do - especially with Mayhem 2.0 on the horizon.

Designated drop rates have been increased;

Could also mean from 2% to 2.1% I mean without any numbers ‘increased’ can mean anything.

Agree, but also a fact to consider is # of legends in the game and then how many different effects each drop of that Gun/Gear can have before you get the perfect 1 that you want.

If I am not mistaken, the drop rates that were buffed were for certain rare enemies and trial and arena bosses. I don’t recall bosses like Billy being mentioned.

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I am puzzled at how GBX doesn’t understand what the actual point of designated drops are: to cut down on the insane amount of RNG for finding specific items. With the way they have implemented things, it barely makes a difference. With each update, it feels more and more like they do not understand their own game or the looter genre in general anymore.


I think it’s a bit better. From my recent experience of farming Heckle, I’ve gotten a few anointed Alchemists and Bearcats within maybe 20 runs. So, my impression has gone from “nothing ever drops and dedicated loot sources are a waste of time” to “something drops and it’s not a complete waste of time”. YMMV, but it’s still think it’s a PITA to farm what you’re looking for. Also, I did try out some Proving Grounds and I still think they are pointless, unless you really want those FL4K or Zane COMs.

Yeah this is another thing that I find to be totally head scratching. PG was supposed to be one of their main solutions to end game content, and they still haven’t even addressed the fact that they are insanely underwhelming for drops. I don’t get why it is not more of a focus to make PG one of the main ways to farm, given the fact that they spent time designing the game mode. Honestly, boss farming should be last on the list of ways to farm efficiently.


I re read the patch notes from Dec 12th and I can’t find anything anywhere about buffing dedicated drops, when I wrote support directly they said “this intentional for the purpose of replayability” I guess so people get different items in different playthroughs… if anybody can link me to gearbox saying they actually buffed drop rates please show me the link

It’s the first thing listed under “General”. That said, the anointed drop rate seems low enough on rare spawn enemies that it still feels like a waste of time compared to farming something like Graveward or Slaughter Shaft. Also, as mentioned earlier in the thread, it looks like they may have missed some enemies. El Dragon Jr’s drop rates seem unchanged, for example.

I think the idea of relying on poor RNG to be balanced across the player-base through online trading is a terrible idea for the following reasons.

Trading can be more loot rewarding than playing, but trading in itself is not as fun as playing. This creates a negative feedback loop, eventually turning dedicated players away from both.

Believing that trading is the solution to poor RNG rolls doesn’t take into account the reality:

On the PS4 platform. For the last 3 months there have been over 2 million players steadily increasing: (

On this official forum since the start of the game there have been 2082 PS4 specific trading posts.

That’s approximately 6 posts per day since launch.

2 million players. 6 trading posts per day on the official forum. This is bad on so many levels…

Obviously there are other platforms where people trade, and friends trade with other friends. But in my humble opinion, this is still a glaring wake up statistic!

Obviously this data could just prove that the RNG is great, and people just don’t need to trade. Or even that the drop rate is so terrible that people rarely have anything good to trade. Equally, it could demonstrate how few people know about the trading section of the forum. And a host of other things…

However, another explanation is that people may not take the game as far as those who trade. So they may not quite understand the need for anointed gear at M4. Many players may never do mayhem levels and happily move on to something else, having played a fun game.

So, in this sense, the people who like to play the game the most, are being encouraged to trade to get rewarded (rather than play), whereas those who play less are not? How crazy is that?

I think the community feedback on anointed drops, dedicated drops on bosses, and how much the DLC drop rate was better than most of the main game, need to be taken seriously.


I agree completely with upping the dedicated drops, I spent a whole week ( around 3 to 4 hrs a day) farming kata ball for an anointed brainstormer. It only takes me the length of fade away to kill it, so that’s well over 200 kills a day and for all that time it only dropped 2 which were non anointed and weaker that the 1 I got as a world drop,
Because of having anointments in the game dedicated drops should be almost guaranteed because its the anointments that most ppl are really farming for, especially when it comes to M4 and takedowns
Loving the game, keep up the good work and a belated merry xmas :slightly_smiling_face:

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