Gearbox, please fix Moze

I’m not upset that it now takes me longer to kill enemies, but to take away an entire skill tree on a character is complete BS. I know you have seen the OP Amara builds floating around YouTube and even on these forums. Stop forcing us to constantly grind for different gear, new builds, etc every week. I do not mind the grind, but like a lot of other people who play this game, i do not have the time to grind for days on end. And when I finally get decent gear, it’s obsolete with yet another “hotfix”.
Just simply make the enemies stronger with more shields, do more damage to us, etc. Yes you can adjust the gear, that is fine, but leave the skill trees alone. Let us have our builds and be happy. I am enjoying the event, I think it’s really fun and unique. But this game is PVE, not PVP. So just let us enjoy it for what it is.

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