Gearbox please fix solo advanced missions

I have been trying to unlock Ghalt but it seems this is impossible to do solo. Missions like the algorythm or the archive are impossible to achieve a high enough score while playing solo to achieve a silver rating. Could we please get a fix to the mission scoring to adjust this? It should be easy to data mine the scores people are currently making and adjust it accordingly.

Edit: I forgot to say that they should also add an advance difficulty multiplayer queue as well.

Wholeheartedly agree here. The point of scaling difficulty with players is to make it just as difficult to win no matter how many players, so why wouldn’t score be the same?
Also, sentinel on advanced solo was crazy hard in comparison to the rest

I came to the realization the other day when looking at my last few character unlock requirements. Phoebe, deande, ghalt. I just reached level 20 last night. I’m not close to the needed requirements for some of these and doing the number of missons required to unlock may put me close to their level unlock requirement anyway. I think ghalt is level 40 which is steep but probably better to play through at your own pace and reach it eventually than struggle over and over on some of these more difficult requirements.

I don’t want to sound like a jerk but I did get a silver medal solo by doing the algorithm. What you need to do is open up every single chest because they hold bonus score coins or token. The next thing you need to do is during the boss fights like Geoff you have to pick up those Yellow Bonus tokens he drops, he drops them when you take his health down the first time, he drops them when you gas him in the first hangar, he drops them when you take his health down again, and he drops them in the second hangar and again when he dies, you can easily get about 30 to 37 of these tokens off Geoff. The Galactic Gaurdian is different (I think he drops them when he starts to go regen health or he drops them you blast him out), but he also drops them when kill him. But the hardest one to get the drops is Isac’s boss fight, after you destroy his body he has a floating head that flies around, the best way to get his tokens is if he is close to ground as well and you are on the ground otherwise the tokens are impossible to get. I got 60k on the mission on advanced, 70k on normal, solo by myself on both. But if you are going to solo it I would suggest oscar mike because he can cloak witch will allow you to be on the ground during the isac fight. Hope this helps, otherwise you may want to find one other person and 2 man it to get silver.

Can you get all the yellow tokens that are on the ground at once? I feel like when I run past those I only pick up a few. Its almost like picking up a health globe when my life is full (just walk over it and nothing happens). Maybe it’s something else though because there is so much different colored loot on the ground it’d hard to tell what I’m actually getting.

They hotfixed a few maps already, and they said they are looking at the scoring on others as well. I don’t have any inside info on whats on the next hotfix but I am kinda expecting they hit a few more.

Certainly the scoring needs a fix but all of them are do-able even with solo to get silver or gold. Most of the time, you have to force adds spawn or headshot alot to gain more score. Headshotting major mobs like Evolved Thrall and brute easily give you 4-5x the point if you make sure to crit kill it. The more damage you do to the mob health with crit damage, the higher the score.


Algorithm: Don’t kill Geoff right away after his 2 upgrades. On the last phase of the fight, if you stay too far away from him, he will keep spawning adds after you kill all of them. This is where you get the point to reach even gold solo. Also, the reason your score wil be low on this stage is because it’s hard to get crit on robots thanks to them having crit spot BEHIND them or right in the center behind body part cover.

Void call: After you return from the shadow realm, the boss will spawn adds and drop score every time you kill all the adds.

Renegade: If you don’t kill Jailer fast, he will keep spawning adds. You can even just stand at the spawn location door and headshot each Evolved thrall coming in for points.

Archive: Data minion thingy stall

Sentinel: easy to get gold even when solo without any trick. Just get to all the loot chest that involve climbing the spike trap.

Experiment: Try to avoid buying Thumper and headshot a lot.

Sabotage: Easy gold anyway. Loads of adds.

Heliophage: Easy gold anyway. Loads of adds.

Thanks for the advise. I still think it needs tuning. Having to drag out a boss fight or defend encounter to get more kills is kinda lame. Completion time should be a more important factor.

Agreed, I’m personally not a fan of having to drag encounters out just to get Silver +.
I think that it was not the original intention for you having to drag out an encounter (or at least I hope that it was not the original plan).
The same goes for the bonus balls, it’s almost like winning the 100 meters sprint in the Olympics, only to be told that you can’t have gold as you, didn’t collect something that everyone else did as they ran.