Gearbox: PLEASE "Fix" the Matchmaker!

I swear the game’s matchmaking system has been getting WORSE! I haven’t gotten a mission with MORE THAN 2 people in WEEKS!

I live in the suburbs of Washington D.C. in the U.S. (and absurdly densely populated and heavily developed area), and I simply REFUSE to believe there’s nobody near enough to me for the matchmaker to consider them “a good matchup”.

I’ve actually gotten a single pairing with THE SAME PERSON quite a few times ffs! I mean what is going on guys! Clearly people still play this game…

Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to make a difference what time of day it is that I try to find a match, meaning I get the same results at “prime time” (early to late evening) that I do at high noon (the worst time).

This plainly points the finger at your matchmaking software… T_T

(Un) Fun fact: PC is struggling and unless your settings are at the best setting, this will happen simply because of population. I can’t help with those settings as I’m on PS4, and while matchmaking is bad, it isn’t a factor in story mode. They just grab the first available people. In this case, not many

The matchmaker is still not performing well even if the population is limited. I’d much rather wait for it to find some people than for it to just throw up its hands and give up after only trying for like 30 seconds…

The fact that the matchmaker is constantly dropping people also points to it being the problem.

Also the server connection setup was poorly done for the game, i.e. for instance you MUST have a 100% constant connection to the Steam friends servers for some unknown reason - they go down for a SECOND and you get booted from even an in-progress match (and Valve does like 2 minute long rolling restarts on those servers quite often, so this is highly obnoxious…).

Also I don’t know what misinformation you’ve been fed, but while the game COULD be better optimized, the PC port isn’t THAT bad. It’s not a lazy port either - it has full KBM support with hotkey remapping, a text chat system, the usual full suite of tweakable graphics settings, etc.

My graphics card is both over 3 years old and it’s an AMD card and I’m still able to run the game with AT LEAST 30 fps (usually higher) in almost all situations. There are some sections of certain maps that have been poorly optimized were the framerate dips (i.e. all of the ones with the Tempest imagespace), but that’s about it…

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I do agree. I think they should lengthen the time by a minute and a half.
Oh, I wasn’t saying the port was bad. I’ve heard no complaints of that. Just that NAT settings or whatever they are can interfere, and the population is at an all time low