Gearbox please fix the PS4 Crashing!

Im seriously on the last mission in Tycho’s Ribs and everytime i enter the first area of where you spawn it freezes! i can still go into playstation menu and close application, but everything on Pre sequel just freezes. Ive tryed to many times but everytime it freezes. i even went to a different area but its only in tychos ribs, which i need to do to beat the story mission. Please fix i really wanna play this right now. As of right now i cant do anything because of this, and its not my ps4 overheating because it happened yesterday after about 3 hours of gameplay, so i started again today and same thing.

Unfortunately this is a problem many are experiencing.
We also have a fairly large thread about it in tech support. I encourage you to leave your feedback there as Gearbox are reading it for information as well as to communicate back with us about progress.

In fact the very last comment is from a Gearboxer which sounds rather promising.

Give it a look-see