Gearbox please give a free weekend and a sale

Dear gearbox/2k,

this game is not for everybody, but it is great and needs more players or else its going die. i love this game. but the optimization drove people away along with poor marketing. please save this game gearbox. i would love to be able to play this a year from now and have people still playing. i know you are working on new, free content. though i dont think that is going to make players come running back. you also need new players to raise the numbers and once old players see that they will want to come back. it will make matchmaking smooth and fast. my main issue is finding a match it takes forever and once people can have a smooth experience playing the game they will enjoy it more, therefore play it more and you will have much higher numbers increasing the chances that sales will increase. i would really love if you held off the micro-transactions until you get the playerbase back, as the few players are not too happy because while you did say you planned on it, you did not make it clear to players nor did you put in the early battleplans. so i think just having a free weekend and letting people test this game to see if they will enjoy it will cause people to play when the numbers are up and they can easily find a match.

i love this game and i dont want to see it die,
A very concerned gamer


I support this.

I’m not quite sure what you’re suggesting, that people can play free for a while to “try out” the game?

However, I do agree the player base needs expanding! I have to wait ages and most of the time I don’t get anyone else to play PvE with. I don’t do PvP often, I hate it and I always get paired with low levels against high levels (even though I’m 92 myself, from PvE only).

I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure the suggestion was say Friday at 6am -Sunday at say 11:59pm anyone can download the game and play all it has to offer till end of timer similar to a beta. At which time they go separate way or buy the game.

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Not sure if that’s something they’ll be able to realise, but I’m fine with something like that. I’d love more peeps to play over here in Europe! I’ve never finished an Advanced mission, I always get paired with really low levels and fail.

The problem with Battleborn is no one knows what this game is about. I tell people about this game and I hear stuff like, “I didn’t like Borderlands so I wouldn’t like this”. Or "It’s just a poor man’s Overwatch. "

Before the beta I couldn’t even tell you what type of game it was. It’s like watching the trailer at E3 for Prey 2. After seeing it you could ask 50 people what is the game about and get 50 different answers. Gearbox did a horrible job of giving the consumer a good idea about what this game is.


I have seen several games so this recently on both console stores and steam. It’s not a bad idea. The people who this game was made for will stay ther others are kind of already lost.

Having a free “Demo” version of Battleborn is a great idea.

Maybe it lets you try out one-two levels and get to CR 10 or something. I think it would do wonders.

An example of a similar game that tried something like this is Destiny. They had a trial that let you get up to level 7. From what I recall, it worked really well.

They also might want to consider getting on PSN Plus for their monthly free game.

I’m sure there are all sorts of politics that go into that, but either suggestion might help.

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I really had hope Battleborn would’ve done something like this to take advantage of Overwatch’s honeymoon phase wearing off.

Steam summer sales is suppose to be soonish, maybe then ?

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They should just do cross-platform and get over it. Now that the barrier between Xbox and PS is down, they really shouldn’t have an excuse. Hell, I would accept playing against PC players too if it meant more players.

PC cross platform play with console should NEVER happen with a shooter period.

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Very much endorse this idea.
A Steam free weekend coupled with a sale might revive BB.
All my friends playing “that other game” feel like it’s running out of steam, but BB pushing global numbers from ~400-800 over a 24 hour period is not too tempting for them to shell out full $$ to just try on spec.
Additionally, trying something like the Rainbow 6 siege “starter edition” allowing a smaller Battleborn pool and slower progression at a heavily discounted price might be an idea too.
I doubt anything will help without doing something to boost the numbers ASAP though (Free weekend).

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BB will have to come up with a tutorial first before they can release a demo. Most people, like me at the start, is super lost. Nobody wants to be lost and lose a game because of that. Having a tutorial to describe the different roles -support, assault, tank, assassin and etc, and a short tip on how to play them is paramount. Having a short intro video showing a bird eye view of the different pvp maps and also pointers on where you would need to go or hold is also important. Even moba players can be lost in the battleborn universe. Once BB does the above, only then they can put up a demo and put it to real good use.