GEARBOX PLEASE HELP! Terrible FPS issues, makes game almost umplayable (although ill endure anything for my love of the borderlands)

I recentley purchased a PowerColor 5700 xt and have been having troubles with the drivers. They released a patch today and it seemed to fix most major titles but it made a problem that i was already having with Borderlands 3 worse. I know you work closely with them and idk if you guys can try to help but my frames are absolute dog doodoo and its really sad. I paid 500 dollars almost so i could have a high quality performace on your game specifically and now im getting $@#*. I think its the game though not just the card. My friends 1070 max q on his laptop gets better performance than mine but shares the same issues. THE FRAME RATES ARE EXTREMELY EXTREMELY UNSTABLE!!! With the previous driver, no matter the visual settings, i was swinging anywhere from 50 fps to 100. After the last patch however I’m now only recieve a whoppping 30-50… no matter the settings. Like it literally makes me want to tear my hair out. I feel like I’ve wasted money, I feel like AMD is really letting down their customers right now. But i also feel like part of it is on you guys as well for the speradic frames in game. It happens to all of my friends as well. I bought the super deluxe edition and a new GPU, why don’t i get super deluxe performance now😭