Gearbox, please let us download the reveal stream 8-bit music!

So I went back to the Kid Ultra reveal stream, and on 25:00 the 5 minute countdown start, along with AMAZING MUSIC! Now… I want this music, because it’s way too awesome! So, Gearbox… Let’s us download this somewhere please! I know I am not the only person who wants it!

These are soundtracks from the game, they even go in their consecutive order, like Void’s Edge, the Renegade, the Archive, the Sentinel… And I think they just have some post-processing sound-effects applied to sound more 8-bit-alike.

Oh wait, there’s another tune in the last 5 minutes before the stream. I wish to know what’s the track. Shazam is going crazy suggesting different songs every time))

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Yeah, the music that starts at 25:00
It’s ■■■■■■■ sick.