Gearbox, please reconsider quantity of modifiers that affect non elemental damage negatively

Right now there are more modifiers that affect normal bullet damage negatively than any other element. It feels like every time I load new map my Jakobs loadout, which my Fl4k is built around, gets screwed. When I get one of those, it’s playable, but they often stack up on each other. Non other element have multiple negative multipliers which can stack up on each other (I’m not counting “-% dmg with all guns” and “-% crit dmg” which are also awful, not promoting gear variety and shouldn’t be in the game at all imo)

Personally I don’t like modifiers that change what elements are effective, period. Just the mechanics of the elements system already encourages you to use a diversity of elements. And when the community does come up with single element builds, they are usually creative and require a little more optimizing. Like red suit radiation FL4K builds, or flesh melter corrosive builds, or Jakobs allegiance builds. Why is that kind of building to be discouraged?

And then there’s the flip side where rolling +70 elemental damage makes the game too easy, especially in conjugation with other positive modifiers

And of course a bunch of action skills, augments, and even FL4K’s pets are tied to one particular element so sometimes the game will just screw them over for no reason


Agreed, yesterday I rolled -20 -35 -50% Physical Damage in Maya’s car mission, I had to exit Double-D to shoot the Cyclones with a laser weapons because the car was not even scratching them.

I don’t like those multipliers myself, there is hope that Mayhem 2.0 will be different. But even builds centered around one element are not getting hit as much as non elemental. There are no “-all elemental dmg” multipliers thankfully. In order to get hit you have to get that “-50% damage” on specific element, non elemental build can get “-50% normal bullets” plus “-35% non elemental/+70% elementlal” and all those -all guns/-crit etc

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With ya 100%. I totally don’t understand why they establish an elemental system just to nerf it arbitrarily. Kinda just like, why have elements? Whenever I’d watch a youtube video of someone using corrosion or fire on everything I just kind of cringed, because why do that when there are better options built into the game? Then I saw the modifiers and just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Also, corrosion kind of feels weak even against armor. Could just be me but cryo seems to work better.


It makes multiplayer in M3 a real pain in the neck. If you get a really bad roll, you need to either quit and reload, which disconnects you from your teammates, or find something else to do in a different map. Really kills the multiplayer experience.

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I think cryo actually has higher initial damage to compensate for the fact that it has no DOT. Just like non-elemental. I have hardly seen anyone talk about this but I’m pretty sure.

There aren’t very many pure armor targets in the game yet, so corrosive is probably used less rn, but the Flesh Melter is actually pretty crazy. it’s like an elemental projector for corrosion but with no downside. If the Takedown we’re about to get has a ton of robots I think that relic will really take off



Well said, are you listening Gearbox? Real difficulty please, nothing random, don’t lock out builds. If you want to promote build diversity then stop shutting down half of them with stupid modifiers. I can’t understand their stance on this whatsoever it literally does the opposite of what they say the intended purpose is.