Gearbox please remove Guardian cap

It is time
people now have thousands of hours in the game and have earned increased guardian level but it is useless to them because of the cap


Maybe time for a Guardian Rank 2.0 with a prestige system? Even to have a reset and a counter to display how many times you prestige like BL2 is enough for me.

As long as it’s not a huge change like M2.0 because that’s definitely not needed.

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oh no gearbox how can i do without +0.01% elemental damage pls fix

then why have guardian rank at all?

Would be nice if they added some more stats just so there’s somewhere to put points instead of having them go to waste. +movement speed seems like a good one. Also +splash/slam/slide/DoT dmg. Lots of potential categories that could be added


+Dedicated drop chance


oh i dno to provide you with aim down sights in ffyl infinite ffyl timer bustedass overkill and hallow point with extra spcie of groundbreaker? i dno man good question why would they have this horrible ■■■■ in game. i could never figure.

What about a token system you can reset whenever you want like your skills. I’m saying if you want to run a melee build you can spend your 100 tokens on melee damage, health etc and if you want to run a different build you can reset your tokens and spend them on other areas.