Gearbox Please with a side of Survey Results

I’m going to be completely honest with you gearbox.
I Don’t believe your game will live to see Character 30 before you are the only ones playing it.
And frankly, if you can’t see that you might want to consult an optometrist.
The game itself is practically a closed beta with a $60 ticket, and lets face it, nobody wants that.
The intense amount of hate your game gets is extreme, and you still have not taken action on what seems to be really simple problems to solve.
Your game has gotten hit with wounded, because it’s slowly bleeding out in the form of playerbase.
There is a solution, a very easy solution, to solve your problem. YOU might be hurt, but WE, the playerbase, are around there to help you.
I do not want this game to die out, but unless you listen to the community on this it will.
And thus, I made a google forms. I showed it off in the Battleborn discord.
30% of the average PC player count have taken the survey. I have heard of some scientists who can’t get a control group this big.
(If you want to take the survey;
And a large chunk of them (me included) have similar opinions.
81% of all takers have said they like the game in it’s current state.
43% say that the game’s characters are balanced.
65% want a proper tutorial for each mode, perhaps even make you watch a match of that mode before you can queue for it, rather than having a competitive mode.
31% more people want more campaign missions instead of another mode, which totals up to 51% of all takers.
73% of all the surveyed players say that the worst problem with the game is matchmaking. I mean things like the basic system of it, “find 4 friends then an enemy team” instead of “Find 9 other players”.
73% say that out of their last 10 matches, 5 or less were fair for both teams.
84% believe that legendary gear should sell for more then 250 credits, with over 25% of the total takers wanting at least 500, closely followed by 1,000.
36% want more kinds of gear, such as offensive CC duration+, speed while firing+, shards gained from clusters+, and so on and so forth.
The Top 5 characters in need of a nerf, by the community.
1: Boldur
2: Benedict, Kleese
3: Pendles, Rath,
4: Galilea
5: Ghalt

The big thing the community Agrees on: By not advertising in the right places, you’ve hurt your game immensely.
53% of the survey’s takers want you to advertise instead of doing nothing, like you currently are.
So, what do you do?
Release a copy of a popular FPS gamemode so that Basic players will understand it (Payload, Team Deathmatch, Etc. But still modify it a little bit, such as letting the players upgrade the payload’s buffs or being able to res a teammate in TeamDM with shards)
and most importantly
A Fudgeload of advertising is required, and in the right places too.
Advertise on the places it matters. Put BB trailers on Youtube, as shown by the community saying that it should be as that option has more than 30% more votes to it then anything else. Some Content advice: Cut ISIC’s lines in the trailer on the steam page, use the 3-part comic series you released as advertising (only the first part though) or even just stick the intro for the campaign levels and then generic game advertisement ending card after it.

Your Faithful Miko player,

I also am thinking of something else here in the corner called Project TBTT. It won’t be ready to show off until most likely Thursday if not Friday, so please wait. If anyone can guess what the acronym stands for I’ll get it out by tomorrow. I’ll also give you an imaginary cookie and eat an imaginary hat. There’s no point in not guessing, and I’m even going to give you a hint: _____ Back ___ ____. It will heavily involve the community assisting in it, plus the survey is always going to be going on. I’ll try to keep statistics current.


Apparently you don’t pay attion when the developers post stuff almost every thing you said is being worked on and its not magic this stuff takes time to complete.




Preach, brother.

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Great to see the results! I agree on many of the brought up points, but some of the survey stats you mentioned seem to be quiet vague

Seeing how many took the survey (160) I guess you only calculate with the PC-player numbers, right? For PS4 & XB1 theres no open released playercount. To say 30% of the total average players took the survey is very vague.

Also its important to be carefull with “we all”-statements which are only bound to the participant number in your survey. Many share same thoughts there and I participated as well, but 160 people are simply not the whole community/average playerbase on all platforms.

Its still valuable insight & data from alot of players, I don´t want to underestimate that.

I hope we´ll see some changes, personally I hope for a late big advertising campaign, hopefully followed by an increase of the playerbase to realise better Matchmaking for more modes.

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Thanks for the critique, I knew I was missing something and I have fixed most of what you said.

As for the Advertising: GBX doesn’t seem to want to advertise for some reason, which hurts them right away. If only they would listen to us in our cries for them to help themselves!

It makes me sad… Ah well. What’s a mere medic to do against the great warrior ignorance-of-the-community?

Heres some of the stuff there working on

Weird that people say this game is advertised i learned about this game like 2 or 3 years ago on a YouTube add and was just hooked from seeing thorn marquis and to a way lesser extent miko granted i saw that trailer once forgot about it for some months randomly remember it asked a bunch of people about it they had no idea what i was talking about and then i forgot about it again then i saw a random person online who i guess played like super beta or something and showed a picture of thorn i asked about it and it popped in and out of my head for about a month until i saw something on facebook eventually i watched any youtube video i could find of it then i finally played the open beta on PS4 and have not played any current gen games since except pikmin 3 and pokken but anyway i saw advertisement for this game like years before it came out then a few months before it came out on 2 different sources how much more advertising should they do?

To be fair to GBX, I believe it’s 2K that is entirely responsible for the advertising (or lack thereof). GBX just makes the game and 2K publishes it.


But, otherwise, I just want to highlight this about 500 times. I’m not a PC player (X1 here), and I do not care for the PvP at all, so PvE missions (and new characters) are all I really have my eye on. I know all my friends have given up and I have given up playing for weeks at a time, but I still check in here to see if there’s any more news on PvE.

I know they said more PvE missions are coming, and I’ll be really excited when they get here (hopefully they’re worth the wait!). And I get that it takes time to make, but I’m worried at this point that it’s going to end up taking too much time and there won’t be enough players or interest to stage a comeback for the game as a whole.

But, who knows, only time will tell and I’ll keep waiting to hear something about PvE - hopefully during their PAXWest panel! :slight_smile:

My concern is that only season pass holders will be able to play the dlc PVE missions. This will further cut player base between those that have the season pass and those that don’t.

I’m on X1, so not a huge issue as our player base doesn’t seem terrible, but for those on pc, I worry about their ability to find a group.

great survey!

I’m on X1 as well, and I’ve noticed a dip in players recently. At the very least, it’s been taking longer and longer to find PvE groups (especially groups of more than one or two people).

I’ve noticed the same, but I expect a few of them at least who have the season pass to return once new PVE missions are released. Hopefully…

I do notice the PVE group in X1 declining though. I have been put into many groups of 3 recently.

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Yeah, a lot of groups of 3, which I rarely do. If I’m playing PvE, I’d like to play with at least 4 people on the team.

Survey says!! …XXX

“Inconclusive” was the #1 answer.

The devs now have a chance to steal the board!

Sorry, had to do it. Here’s a slightly altered Futurama reference to describe how I feel about this thread: “Now i respect the OP, i think he’s a good man, but frankly: I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING HE JUST SAID.”


But seriously, I don’t know the reference; please clue me in

I agree with you on PC, but that’s not comparable to console. Andimatchmaking is FAR worse on PC. Good results though!

The one where Nixon becomes president of Earth. The other two candidates, two clones named John Jackson and Jack Johnson (or Puny Human #1 and Puny Human #2 to Morbo), were discussing the titanium tax. One of them said what i quoted, with “OP” originally being “opponent”.

I can see how you would mistake that for sarcasm, especially after my “Family Fued” reference, and that’s MY fault. Overall, i agree with you, except that polling the smallest of the Battleborn communities provides inconclusive data. I think; i’m not entirely sure WHAT my point was, because i can’t see anything! My references, i hope, aren’t too vague! I’m ants-in-my-eyes HamsomeCam, EVERYTHING’S black. I can’t see anything, and i also can’t FEEL anything; did i mention that? It’s a very rare disease, but that’s not as catchy… as having ants in your eyes; so that just goes right over on the wayside.

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Yeah, I agree with you on the fact that the poll group isn’t the largest group ever, but it’s still something. I just need help getting it around, but I don’t want to be that guy and spam it in every game I get into. Granted, 174 is not a small number, but I’d sure like it to be bigger.

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… -claps loudly- DYNO-MITE!!

Sorry, i’m sorry; i just can’t turn the references off. I realize it is a problem, but i have no plans to fix it…

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