Gearbox pls - stash ordering

So this may just be me, but I would like to see all my cutsmans together, all my recursions together.

Please Gearbox make stash ordering ignore prefixes and just alpha order by base weapon name :slight_smile:


Oh Your God, I can’t like this post hard enough!!! I so want to be able to order my stash by specific weapons!!!


And filters, please.

that is weak, try sort by anointment now that would be something

Like honestly, seems obvious, you will never remember that you have an “XXX XXX bangstick” but you remember you have an epic bangstick… glad the gameplay is good but its the small things that make a game last.

I would rather filter by anointment than sort by them, but I think a filtering UI would be difficult to implement in a way that would be easy to use for console players.