Gearbox = PR and UPDATES done right. PERIOD

Guys I understand that as a community we have A LOT to say about this game wether we love it or are on our way out the door. I would like to think that anyone who takes the time to post here (even as a “goodbye”) has some level of vested interest in BB’s future.

I know most big game developers in the recent past haven’t been clear with the goals or intentions of their games. Letting their fourms set ablaze with negative comments and unbased speculation (not enitirely without just cause), but Gearbox is being so much more transparent thus far.

I just want to add a positive THANK YOUsection amongst all the discussion because they ARE listening and they ARE among us (Thank you for being real moderators). Here is a link where creative director Jythri gives a substantial amount of insight about pretty much everything.

Cheers, C3


Great link. Thanks for sharing.

It’s not bad but I wouldn’t call it done right.
The advertising of the game is lacking. Also GBX really needs to work on the way they word statements in their updates. The confusion alone trough that and the resulting frustration is something that could be avoided.

I will however say that the response to problems from the development team is quite nice.

Many threads in this forum especially during the last weekend thought that the communication is lacking and that the devs are not listening.

In reality I saw so many dev posts and responses
Saying that they are working on it and that those concerns will be brought up in team meetings.
But we hyperconsumers are really impatient and if problems aren’t solved imidiatly some people take this as a personal attack from the game against themselves and their hard earned money that they spend.

They do need to work on advertisements and clear up a few statements but as far as immediate game changes “hyper consumers” are going to have to chill. They’ve expressed a lot of main concerns that come up a lot and explained why those things take time to fix. I think that minor updates every few weeks and a major one once a month are about 50x better than pretty much any other game (if actually delivered).

Well to be fair last weekend was about PS4 beta testers not getting the instant unlock character key they were promised when they bought the season pass. We were basically told they stuffed up the wording of their advert but too bad you have to wait until DLC.

This weekend it was about Australian console users being unable to play without game breaking lag. GBX were already notified of this during open beta but have only just started trying to fix the issue.

So while GBX do communicate fairly well I don’t think consumers were necessarily ‘hyper’ in asking them to honour their commitments regarding the above two issues.

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To be fair, I suspect the issue is with routing/internet in Australia in general.

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Okay fair enough

I don’t wan’t to say that a broken game with the Australien server problems is something to not be mad about. That is really serious and needs to be treated as such.

however, there were other problems brought up on the forum about pvp and pve. While they are issues too I didn’t think they are so bad that they would warrant this much negative and sometimes outright insulting responses.
GBX needs time to work on this stuff, ofcourse if there were no solutions 4 weeks from now then I top would be dissaponted.

Then explain why is it fine for Australian PC users but not consoles?

At least they confront problems and try to resolve issues. My point is that big developers are allowing their game to run rampant without so much as a peep for long periods of time. So while it’s not perfect they are taking the right approach. I didn’t say BB was perfect the game is perfect and did admit they could word some things better.

Just as different plarers would connect to the internet with different connections, servers also connect to the internet with different connections. It could be that the specific connection with the ISP provider for the console server is having issues. Because really, why should it only affect Australian players and not console players from other regions?

I love the game but to me martketing of Battleborn was lacking a lot of the things. I’ve got to know the game through couple of small news topics and a couple of videos that didnt catch my attention at all. I actually thought that the game looks horrible and not interesting. I downloaded beta on PS4 just to make sure the game is bad and delete it after few games but then i felt in love with Battleborn and bought the game.

Also i dont know why there was no marketing accents that Battleborn and Overwatch are different games. I believe position of the same genre between Overwatch and Battleborn is not profitable for Gearbox. I wish there would have been a lot of explanations on why its different genre game after they new that Blizz beta will be during Battleborn’s launch.

Australians can play similar games online right now without lag. It’s not like this is affecting every game, it’s just Battleborn. If GBX chose the wrong host for their servers the onus is on them to fix it, not us.

By the way Singaporeans are also having similar issues.

It’s also affecting Rainbow 6.

I don’t have any such issue, though I only play PvE, so it may be specific to the PvP servers.

Battleborn really shocked me with how addictive every aspect of the game is for me. When you have a good team with synergy, every single game mode is enjoyable including campaign.

Out of all the multiplayer games to come out this gen (fps, 3ps ) and besides Rainbow 6 , this game is one of the few where I actually prefer to play with a group. Even Destiny I walked mostly solo.


Just going by the server issue thread as I saw a few Singaporeans on there. No idea who or what is affected.

Thanks for the reddit link. The first pass for patches looks promising.