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G’Day all.

I am just inquiring about some aspect’s in the profile setting’s not saving !!
The Info in the Picture above will not save,only my name saves. Is this some sort of sorcery / witchcraft going on !!
Or do i have to post over a gazillion post’s to enable this basic feature.
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I’m having the same issue too. Any changes I make to my preferences under the profile subheading do not save and update. This includes my about me, location, and both my profile and user card backgrounds.


Yes, A bit annoying it is. would like to be able to keep my Location on there.

No answer;s yet…hmmmmmm , would like to know if i must have to level up to save this function or is it just broken !!!

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Bumpity bump

Also cannot save changes to profile. Very inconvenient.

Sorry for the late reply - didn’t see this thread for some reason.

The “Location” only appears to show on the user card and profile header, not on individual posts. You can see the user card by clicking on any poster’s avatar; from there, the profile page is one click away.

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Any idea why changes to my user profile won’t save?

What are you trying to change?

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In my profile:

About me

Timezone, Location, Website

Profile header and user card background. I must have set these when I first registered as there are some items filled in. I can edit them but there is no save button on the page and they revert.

It looks like that page got deactivated somehow - I can’t change mine either. I’ll look into it, as it’s likely a site setting and only GBX staff have access to that. It may take a while with the holiday though.

Edit: looks like the “Featured topic” works - that shows up on user card - without a save button!

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Has there been any follow up on this?

I haven’t heard anything, no.

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