Gearbox: Question about upcoming patch and "Kill X Character" lore challenges

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I know the amount of kills needed against Ambra (and most likely Oscar Mike) will be reduced from 25 to 5 kills (as well as assists). My question is, if you already have 5 kills already towards this type of challenge, will they apply retroactively after the update and automatically complete the challenge for you?

I want to know too. I know that they have stated that they were working on a way to prevent people from losing progress.

Also, they have stated that another character already has a kill character challenge (post Alani) and that they will be reducing that as well. So I am confident that all kill character challenges will be changed. We won’t know until Pendles is out, as I am sure that they were referring to Pendles.

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They have said it will apply retroactively iirc

Though I’m not doubting you, it would be nice to have confirmation from the devs themselves if they wish to reply.

Yes, they should. The patch contains some new behind-the-scenes code with challenges that should do a better job of re-checking to see if you have completed a challenge. Some users had gotten challenges into a broken state where they had surpassed the requirements, and our system failed to re-check correctly at that point. This change will also trigger challenge completion for any users who are past the now lower requirements.


The patchnotes also show, that assist count now too! Halleluja!

…High-5 :smile: