Gearbox reply please

Joe did reply in the very thread you linked. So they are aware and using all the info everyone posts.

The case is very similar with me. i played BL2 through until the platinum trophy but havent even been able to get close to exploring tycho’s ribs before it freezes. its with my first character for the presequel, first play-through and the disk is still in like new condition-the first time i removed it since getting the handsome collection was to check for scratches due to the freezing…i guess ill start a new character and see how that goes, considering i personally cant buy more than 1 game at a time it would be nice if this one wasnt rendered completely useless

The thing you can try is playing offline. Mileage varies, but it has helped me.

cant play claptastic voyage on tps for 3 minutes without it freezing, this is UNPLAYABLE.