Gearbox ruined marquis

When’s the last time you saw a marquis? And how good was he? Exactly.

Everyone picks nimble characters, and on ps4 aiming with marquis drops your frame rate.

  • terrain
  • bullets don’t go EXACTLY where you aim.
  • everyone’s crit spots are the size of a dime
  • terrible map collision

So you have people as small as melka or thorn sprinting around the map super fast with nickel sized crit spots weaving in and out of cover making their way to you and if they get too close to a piece of the map, your bullet hits the air instead of them.

Great job.

Marquis is still awesome you problems seem like something you need to work on (that problemail with bullets seems like lag problems with internet)

Just play Kleese now. Absolutely most broken character in game.

Yeah he is broken, I hope it does not end up like galilea with how everyone is like “it’s ok she is bloated because of her numbers and the ultimate not feeling like an ult makes up for it”

I’ve seen plenty of good marq’s. I’m not one, but I’ve seen enough. He just doesn’t 3 shot every squishy anymore.

I think the bullets being a hair off is their way of avoiding godly snipers melting everything. No, it’s not lag. I’ve seen it in other threads and tested it on three (two of which were very fast) connections.


Well if you feel like you only ever encounter thinner bodied characters play an assassin or something. You can still be very helpful to your team getting your local thrall every 2 minutes mids every 5 minutes and blowing up buildings/sunspots/rifts/scraptraps. Even if you struggle to hit the moving players you can still act like a lightning bolt striking the field and impacting it in some way

On the topic of Kleese I don’t see him being super OP atm. His tazer could prolly get toned down a bit but they shouldn’t hurt it by much. He just seems like a character that melees should REALLY try to avoid

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I agree with Marquis not being a good option anymore.

His skills are not very interesting(Except for his revealing owls when playing against Pendles.) Both Thorn and Toby seem to deal more damage and are just as easy to hit targets with. (I do think you need to stand a bit closer as Thorn, but it’s no problem for the character.)

His Ein, Zwei, Die damage should be higher. Like 35% maybe? And his normal rifle damage… I think it’s OK, but they just can’t nerf all of his damage. So something needs to get buffed a bit. Rifle damage or Ein, Zwei, Die.

I play Montana a lot, and Marquis was really dangerous before the nerfs. Now… I can just walk in the same lane, and after he has shot me like 10 times I can just simply run away, and teleport to base.
This is different with Thorn. She uses Volley, or Blight and I will start running already. She is extremely fast so she WILL chase me and I need to get to base before my health drops too much.

Maybe they need to rework Marquis’ helix if they want his rifle to be as weak as it is now…

Marquis is really good for me on ps4. Played a lot of him yesterday and had a many good games. One was 22 and 2 in KD however that doesn´t prove that he is good and KD isn´t all that matters

That is weird I always felt I was on point

I still agree they went to far, ein, zwei, die does not feel worth it honestly I say they bring it back to normal and slightly up his rifle damage (I feel thorn is overtuned to be honest don’t you)

Oh you very well could be. If you hit dead center, it’ll still work :stuck_out_tongue: if you hit the edge of their head, it might miss. But that may just be because I’m a bad sniper. Which I’d believe, if I didn’t land my thorn shots just fine. As well as no shield Toby shots :stuck_out_tongue:

No shield toby shots are so HARD I applaud you for that

Thank you. And yet when I’m marquise I can’t hit Atticus. I wish I were kidding.

500 kills and 100 deaths with marquis suggests I DON’T have issues that I myself need to work out.

right? Like you hit some people (even minions sometimes) square in the chest or shoulder and the bullet just doesn’t count lol. Like there wasn’t already enough of a handicap with him.

Well that was the past, NOW he is harder to play with health and damage nerds, but I still agree he needs buffs

Your welcome, I never have these problems as marquis to be honest

just “re-fix“ him to before that update and I’m super happy…

… was a bit disapointed that the Platinum exclusive Taunt just uses a random Killing quote, but it diesn’t matter if I don’t play him anymore…

But if he gets Buffed, even a little, i will play my Favorite again.

He was my favorite too, but he’s just an assist machine at best.

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I’m gonna be honest. I’m so happy he got destroyed.

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