Gearbox, Shift, and Launchers

I’ve had a gearbox and shift account for years. Linked Steam to Shift a long time ago as I played Borderlands 2.

Now starts the problem. Trying to input shift codes for B3 and only get the option to put them in Steam. I bought B3 through Epic as they had the rights for initial launching of B3.

So, link my Epic account to Shift…Oh no, as it’s linked to Steam, it won’t also link me to Epic. Tried to unlink Steam, well that didn’t work.

Seriously, if you’re going to sell your product through another reseller, then check what else is affected and make it work first.

Was this through the game or through the shift website? I know a number of folks on PC, and none of them have yet to mention running into anything like this.

(Also moved to PC Tech Support since that is the more relevant section)

This is through the shift site. I ended up starting a new shift account for Epic B3 as I couldn’t get it to accept both steam and epic on this account.

It’s possible the issue can arise if you are signed in to one of the platforms at the time you access the shift site - the SSO option can trip things up it it’s using a platform account such as Steam or PSN.