Gearbox Should Offer An DE Upgrade?

So I made the mistake on release to not buy the deluxe edition version of the game. Now about playing I feel like im missing out on some things. I mean sure it’s only a few minor things that get changed but now that I’ve been playing for a while and seeing ours having their DE kinda bugs me. Lol
What do you guys think? And what price should it been if they do offer it?

If you bought the season pass you got the same things they got. No real difference except for price.(which is a whole different conversation lol) if your like me n didn’t get the season pass of the DE version the only thing I can tell were really missing is maybe alani. I still haven’t unlocked her everytime I get close to enough credits I end up buying packs lol

Season pass alone doesn’t get you the gold title, the gold stand, the skins and the taunts that the Digital Deluxe Edition gave.

O well my mistake didn’t think about the gold skins. I’m not a huge fan of most of them anyway.

Yeah im a huge fan of the game and just missing those few things just gets to me. Lol I know it’s small things but I would like to have them.
Maybe $5 or $10 I wouldn’t mind paying to upgrade.

While a DDE upgrade would be nice, anything below the season pass price is not going to happen since it comes with deluxe.

What they should do is give the season pass holders everything the DE version got…if you got the season pass you more than likely paid more for the game anyway


I doubt it would happen. The whole point was to encourage both digital sales and early buy-in for the season pass. Early digital adopters were rewarded with a better price and bonus goodies. If they were to offer it now, it would have to cost more than the season pass (why should someone that chose not to buy in early get more stuff for less money?), and people would scream about that. The easiest thing for them to do is nothing.

That’s true but at the same time there’s a good chance if you got the DE version you only paid $40 but if you got the base game and season pass from the start you paid $80 but you might be right it would be easier to just do nothing and release the gold skins with a dlc pack like I’m sure was always the plan(that’s usually the plan with stuff like this)

It doesn’t matter what people paid. Pretty sure they still made more money on a 34 dollar digital deluxe than they did on a 60 dollar retail box. (though not with an additional digital purchase).

Releasing the gold skins via some other method is a good idea.

This argument has been done to death since they put the game on sale lol I see both sides but my point is why should I get less when I paid more literally 2 days before some other people. I’m not salty about it I’m not one of those guys who thinks GBX doesn’t care. Like I said I’m not a fan of the gold skins anyway so I couldn’t care less. I’m the wrong guy to be making this argument so who cares who paid what or who has gold skins lets all just be badass battleborn n have some fun doing it

I doubt if they’ll offer an upgrade, but I’m hoping GBX will end up doing what they did with BL and offer special packs, shift codes, and maybe even skin/taunt headhunter-style DLCs for ~$5.

Considering GBX’s history, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t offer these after about six months or so.