Gearbox software Shift

Any idea why im getting this error? am i missing software? ive been playing online exclusively until now


having the same problem
what is happening?

I’m starting to see people with the same issue crop up in support. No idea why it’s happening, but it’s not you; it’s a server issue. My brothers and I have the same error. I submitted a ticket to SHIFT and am awaiting a response.

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Happening to me too. I just submitted a ticket. This is annoying

Me too on Epic Games and Steam

Here’s a link to submit a support ticket

Good luck, folks. It really helps to submit tickets, and the more detailed info, the better. Please post back here to let us know if things get resolved. Thanks.
Edit: I have also abused my moderator powers to contact the support team directly to try to get them involved as soon as possible.


Happening to me too !!!


Im getting the same thing (PC/EGS). I reset my router and purged my DNS. Still getting the error.

So I just bought the game during the steam launch, went on with downloading it.

Upon launching it, it simply crashes and shows the image below, stating the game as crashed, with the summary information being.



I’ve reinstalled the game already, verified game cache and even reset my laptop (Had to do it this day anyway), but the crash crash still occur with the same error.

Does anybody have any clue as to what is happening, that would be much appreciated.

Good day!

I’m having the same problem with the same crash report as you are, I’m on a Windows 10 64-bit computer running dx12 with updated graphics driver… not sure what’s happening here but borderlands TPS worked just fine when I bought it a while back…

We are on the same ship dude, i’ve sent a ticket about that to 2k but there still no response from them. So i think all we have to do is wait…

Okay so after recent update for SHiFT cross-play on PC i went for some farming (ussual stuff), but after few runs after quitting game to main menu it crashed on loading screen before main menu. So I restarted game to continue my farm and it happened again. Game gave me an option for setting settings to defaults so i went with it but it only helped in a way that i was able to do more runs before crash occured again.

Crash window says only “you do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.”

Anyone else with this problem or fix for it please. Pretty please.

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** Please report issues with launching the game or connecting to SHIFT using the official support form, which you’ll find linked multiple times in the thread above ** - ta muchly.

i just got some info from steam community, they said that updating BIOS can solve the problem!
i havent tried that yet, but it’s worth to try

ill check it out… havent touched my bios in forever =/

i’ve been updated my BIOS, but it still give me the same error like before .-.

Motherboard : KBL Wish_KLS
BIOS : Insyde Corp. V1.08
Laptop: Acer Aspire VX5-591G

well it might be my bios as i havent updated in forever and just saw this on my updater…

3/16/2020 7:25 am (central time) update
well after updating my bios from a00 to a13 i got an update from steam right after restart on update… I’m going to try and run the game again and see what happens… I’ll post afterwards to let you all know if it worked or not… hmm (2)

This won’t resolve anyone’s issues but it will help when (if?) the next SHiFT outage/errors pop up. Follow this twitter account:

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even after bios upgrade/update I am still experiencing crashes first crash said it was canceled by the user I didn’t do then the second time it popped up as the OP did… I bought this game on steam after they sent me the email and now im regretting buying anything related to steam/gearbox. Windows 10 64-bit/ firewall off/ added exclusions for all files regarding steam and borderlands.exe / updated my bios from a00 to a13…