Gearbox Software's Battleborn Day Plans

Hey everyone!

You may have heard that the next community-run Battleborn Day is this Friday, November 17th. We’re stoked to announce that the Battleborn devs have whipped up a couple of fun surprises for you to celebrate the occasion!

The action starts on Friday at 2pm PT/5pm ET and runs until Sunday at 8am PT/11am ET. During that time you’ll be able to collect some sweet login rewards, grab tons of loot in the Lootpocalypse, and more! Read on for all the goods:

  • Lootpocalypse
    • Boss Drop Rate Adjustment: 50% (Normal) 75% (Advanced)
    • Champion and Elite enemy drop rate adjustment
    • Champions drop all gear rarities and Elites drop more uncommons
    • All enemies and bosses drop more higher rarity Gear
  • Legendary Loot Packs available for purchase
  • 1 Sugar Rush Finisher
  • 1 Loot Boost
  • 1 Double XP Boost
  • 1 Magnus Loot Pack
  • Sale on ALL skins and taunts
  • Skin Login Rewards:
  • Thorn - Corpse Lily Cyber Skin
  • Beatrix - Hexcision Surgery Cyber Skin
  • Ambra - The Will to Power Gold Skin
  • Ghalt - Firstborn Gold Skin
  • All characters on Free Rotation

Thanks to @mentalmars, @whitedav97, and everyone who helped organize Battleborn Day! We hope you all have an awesome time.

See you on Solus!


Sounds like a good time to work on finishing those lore challenges I have left - thanks!

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Thanks for the mention, proud to help out wherever I can!

Ohh since I posted already I’ll include some other peeps who helped organize
NatsumeRyu, Kitru, TheOnlyTachyon, and Lowlines


nice :smiley:just missing dem champion skins for the dlc characters in the free loot :open_mouth:

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Well here we are, fellas, looks like BB Day 3 is really the unofficial last hurrah…


Dat Free Login Loot do’h :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: Damn me and my stuck on wi-fi

2 days time huh …that should work till friday XD

Does this include a patch? Cause you missed some things in the last one.


i don´t think so sadly

It would be appreciated if the devs played then. I do miss the days of looking for them to stomp them.


Thanks everyone! Y’all are champions :slight_smile:


No supercharge queue? Rip the dream #IWantThe4Titles


Two years. For two years have I waited for the Deande cyber skin…


grabs party blower

Weeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee

goes off into corner


Can’t wait!!! I knew saving all those coins would payoff on the next Lootpocalypse! Thank you to GBX too for continuing to support the game and community.


We haven’t had a lootpoc or any other sort special event in a loooooong time, but the wait was worth it – this is way more epic because it’s community driven! Super stoked for those free login reward skins!! Thank you everyone who helped in arranging this, and thank you GBX for lending a hand, it warms my heart to see this kind of cooperation happening :blush: gonna be running both my EXP and lootboosters and play as much as I can – everyone is invited to the party at the end of the world, let’s have a great time.


On what system will u play is the question^^

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I’ll try to get some playtime on both PC and PS4!

If anyone wants to find me, here’s my Steam profile, and my PSN ID is beya_exe. If you hook up with me on PS4 there’s a good chance you get to play with Jim Foronda too lol


That’s really nice!

It’s been a while since the last lootpocalypse.

@MereAtGBX You are keeping so many more Cyber skins, 4 champion skins, and one gold skin. Are we right to think you aren’t done with special events / rewards in the future?


I look forward to this. Thank you GBX. :blush:

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Battleborn is going out with a bang after all, even if it’s a small one: I look forward to the event!

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