Gearbox Software's Battleborn Day Plans

And don’t come back out until Rambo tells you that you can. Pssh Canadians <3

Thanks to everyone at gearbox software for supporting this event!

Also a shout out to Davekillerish, NatsumeRyu, Kitru, TheOnlyTachyon, and Lowlines for organizing Battleborn Day!!

Streamers let us know if you will be playing the game this weekend:


And it doesn’t affect the legendaries from 100 Op packs, the last 5 of which I need being from just those :broken_heart: :sob:

All of this sounds swell though, looking forward to it!

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Can I join while I wait for gold Dragon?

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bring some memes. I’ve eaten most of my stash


Saw this earlier on Twitter. Thanks y’all! I’ll try to carve out some time this weekend to fire it up on PC. Community Day is win!


This is my personal fave. We must now lockdown the meme bunker.


I’ll secure the bleach stash

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but we CAN buy lego packs…thats something? and great for those of us still hunting for any pack legos in general :slight_smile:

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What about the memes on the boat?

Could we possibly get a re-relase on some old shift codes? One last chance at them, incentive more people to come back.


I guess I’ll never experience Supercharge :open_mouth:


Seriously? The weekend that I CAN’T play Battleborn? This kind of stuff is only things I am supposed to read about and go “Awww poor fella’ is gonna miss out…” It’s not supposed to happen to meeeeeeeee…

:confused: Now I’m saaaaaaaad

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Also any of those login skins actually new-never-been-released-skins?

I’m pretty sure most if not all are re-releases. Can anybody verify that for me?

Ghalt’s gold skin is a re-release. The others are new.

I wonder if the skins are matched to the characters that are going to be on free rotation at that time? Because that would actually make sense!

See other quote @VaultHunter101


You sunk my theory!

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Legendary Packs are useless if they don’t contain the legendaries that come from each Operation.

I opened 50 or more the last time and none of them contained anything from the Operations pool.

Also if you reduce the price of the other standard loot packs down by 66 or 75 percent, that would be much more ideal. I don’t mind sitting in front of my screen and open stuff for 3 hours straight.

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How much did Legendary packs cost last time?..I unfortunately missed the previous Lootpocs.

Also, sucks that I blew all my credits on Jenny packs trying for a Vox after they announced no more support for the game…but hey over 250k credits spent and I did get 2 Lunatics Stew! Neither maxed!!!

Either way still grateful. Perhaps the world may yet come to its senses and realize what an amazing game BB is.