Gearbox, Some Thoughts on Balance

I’m honestly not here to debate nor am I looking for tips and tricks on how to deal with the problems I’m mentioning. I’m just someone who has owned Battleborn since day one, it’s my most played game of 2016, and I’ve been jumping back into it since Winter Update and getting frustrated dealing with some issues. As this is the only way I have of sharing my thoughts with Gearbox I’m posting them here but again, not looking to debate and not looking for tips. If you think I’m wrong, awesome. Heck, maybe I actually am wrong about some of these things but so be it, these are just my opinions.

So, balance issues I’ve been seeing playing BB solo and with friends. In my defense, I’m not just trying to nerf everything that kills me. I’ve been murdered by a talented Caldarius, I don’t think he needs any nerfs. I’ve run into some really stellar Whiskey Foxtrot players, don’t think he needs a nerf. So the issues I’m calling out here are issues that I think are annoying and/or unfair.

Miko is broken. This is an opinion I’ve become completely unreasonable on and will not be swayed from it. Every other healer has some rhythm or limitation on their healing. Sunspots eventually run out. KU drones can be destroyed and/or run out. Alani has to build up her healing via attacks. Miko just heals, heals, heals, and heals some more. He heals himself while he’s healing. He heals while he’s evading attacks. He never ever stops healing and any decent Miko who doesn’t get out of position is just a nightmare. He heals at a very high rate, heals himself, and is a tough target to pin down. The advice of “focus the healer” is only so effective against Miko because when you try to focus him, his teammates will punish you for doing so. There’s any number of ways to fix Miko, make his beam actually need to be aimed, give him a pool of heal energy, lose the self-heal, as he stands he’s just completely broken when played by a semi-competent team with rudimentary communication.

Kelvin. It’s actually nice to see good Kelvin players as when the game first came out I dreaded having a Kelvin on the team as 99% of players sucked with him. That said, he’s a bit nuts right now. He’s incredibly tanky (seriously nearly impossible to kill a decent Kelvin player), yet he has one of the best escapes in the game and it’s on such a low cooldown that he can use it to engage and disengage. Plus it stuns. I could be wrong but I believe his stun was nerfed to 1 second and then brought back to 2, it should be 1 second. There are more drastic changes one could propose but I’ll leave them be. Point being a good Kelvin player is a nightmare and he’s aided and abetted by an unfair engage/escape/stun move.

Beatrix is OP, needs nerf bat right away. I just don’t understand Gearbox here. To me, if I designed a MOBA type game and noticed a support character was constantly topping the “damage dealt” category, I would immediately whack myself in the head. “Man, I screwed up!” I would say to myself because why on Earth would a support be dealing top damage, that’s what attackers are for! Beatrix needs to deal less damage and her silence needs reworking. It’s entirely too easy to apply and counters far too much. I had a buddy playing Rath and Beatrix basically made his ult pointless. She could silence him right out of it while he was in it. That’s insane. I was playing Shayne and Aurox and Beatrix would constantly silence me and ruin my escape. If the silence remains so easy to apply then its duration should be cut in half at least.

Deande is too tanky for such a stealthy character. Her HP needs a nerf at the very least. Her clone also is a bit nuts. Her stealth is just, I mean, it’s amazing. She jumps into the air, fires a clone at you, and leaps backwards. Even without all the other stuff happening in the game, 99% of the world is just not going to be able to track that and have any clue where real Deande is. Which, would be fine, if the clone wasn’t such a beast in its own right. Even when I know it’s clone Deande running at me I can’t just ignore her, she does too much damage. The clone either needs less HP or needs to deal significantly less damage. Deande often doesn’t even need to run away, she’ll launch the clone not to escape but to use it as a 2nd attacker to murder you with.

So yeah, that’s my two cents on issues that just drive me up the wall in this game. Most other characters I feel are pretty balanced. Like I said, even when I run into a dominant Caldarius or Orendi, it’s because they’re skilled and playing with a good team, nothing OP or annoying in their kits. I don’t really expect Gearbox to do much of anything, I’ve been anti-Miko since early days of the game but he hasn’t really been changed much. Still, this is what forums are for right? So here’s my thoughts Gearbox. Thanks for your time.


Miko- Wound
Kelvin- Ghalt, Whiskey, Galilea etc.
Beatrix- a nerf bunt
Deande- burst dash = weakened

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What about Gali?

I think Gali has been nerfed to the point where she is tough but fair. Her kit is a bit bloated, seriously, she does everything in the but cloak and slow right? Something along those lines. However, it is possible to take her down and she’s no longer the one woman army she used to be. There was a time where Gali could basically 1v1 anyone and that’s no longer the case. There was a time where if she hit with you with her shield stun, that was it, you were dead. That’s no longer the case either. She is, in my opinion, a top tier character but not broken or unfair anymore.

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Not on my Ambra. B)

I’m new to KU, but again, not on my KU. :wink:

If you focus a kelvin, unless he has a superb alani backing him or a team full of characters with no criticals (benedict, ernest, skill based aoes like orendi/thorn, etc), he will be pressured out of lane quickly. one minion chomp followed by a sublimate out does not a kelvin make.

His sublimate cd is 24 seconds (thats, uhh. long to say the least, KUs ult is only 30 secs iirc). If he’s using it to initiate AND escape best i can figure is it was a level 6 or later kelvin who was allowed to hit every chomp since initiating. Same problem…He wasn’t focused out before he did what kelvin does. Ghalt’s a counter to Kelvin btw. His hook can pull him out of Sublimate, and ghalts the king of taking advantage of large crit spots since if all the pellets hit it may as well be considered overpowered, lol. (but like i said, anyone who can get crits can hurt kelvin’s giant face)

she cant directly heal so she’s more like how ernest used to be considered a support character.

Beatrix is a fabulous shayne counter, since her skills all take time to use and can be cancelled during the setup or duration, and shaynes obvious while shes doing it (no auroooooox) as a shayne tank its frustrating, but acceptable given ive never felt shut down by any other characters as her, and it just means i have to play her differently if i was foolish enough to think beatrix would let me slip by in picks.

While there’s lore to use it to escape, its clear it was intended as an initiate considering her passive is + damage on exiting cloak. It’s working as intended then, in that instance. I dont need the clone, the cloak is good enough for me, but it adds something to her no one else has (its super useful for completeing lore for others). i wouldnt mind the cd for one or both of her skills increasing. lowering health starts infringing on calculated risk deande builds which would make her far less useful.

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To be asinine, she also lacks blind, push back, and I believe weaken

Personally, I think Miko and Kelvin are fine. I wouldn’t shoot down a Kleese-like meter on Miko’s healing but generally pretty okay. Beatrix… I’m on the fence. I think we should give Deande the El Dragõn treatment, nerf her health by a few hundred but increase her shield by 100. To be fair


Deande needs a slight health nerf

Miko needs no fundamental/ability changing at all. Seriously. Don’t touch him/her/it/them, Gearbox. He has a fat crit box that anyone ranged can take care of, if he’s not by a teammate he’s screwed (like Reyna), his ultimate is very easily destroyed, and wound shuts down his entire playstyle, kinda like reveal for Pendles.

Beatrix is in a much better spot now but could maybe have a damage nerf. A small one, that’s all.

Kelvin is a massive target and 4500+ health doesn’t mean much if everyone puts fire on you. Kelvin can be stopped with wound, slow, and MOAR CC.

I think Phoebe is a ridiculous character, to be honest.

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Miko is considered at best the 3rd best healing option in competitive play right now, so no. As @RedX stated wound really hurts it. By choosing Miko you give up almost all forms of damage for the consistent sustained healing that Miko offers so if you take that away Miko becomes very bad.

Beatrix is incredibly powerful right now as she can consistently wound nearly without stop throughout an entire match and of course the 3 second silence on Fulminate, an ability with a 12 second cooldown, is incredibly powerful.

Kelvin’s stun was nerfed once to 1 second and he was largely considered the worst Battleborn during that time. His sublimate’s cooldown is not short enough to sub in and sub out if the team facing the Kelvin is competent. Counter play to an early picked Kelvin is easier to deal with than in public games.

Deande has a wonky hitbox which can make her appear very tanky either way not considered a top pick right now.

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Oh, right, the silence on Fulminate. I forgot about that. Ugh. Nobody should have a silence at level 1, another reason why I can’t stand Phoebe…

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Not only that but her silence is so strong that it even affects the taunt action…

Her Silence shouldn’t turn off ults which buff a character temporarily when they are already activated. (Galth, WF, Rath, etc).

On Beatrix, since I play her a lot recently:

I can understand not liking her Silence on level 1.
I wouldn’t be upset if Gearbox swapped it out with any of her Level 4 Helix options.
If they swap it with Remission Emission, that puts her Silence as a Mutation.
Other than that, Vitality Chirality would be an interesting choice to have on level 1 as a Support character.
Another option would be to slightly increase the Cool down time, an option I’m not a fan of, as Prescription Affliction is my go to level 4 choice, and would make Remission Emission and Vitality Chiraliry much worse Helix options.
Her damage feels right on the cusp of balanced and too high at the same time, if that makes sense.
I’ve been using her to solo Advanced the Renegade for Oath of the Sustained Farming (I just really want a max stat one and I prefer Jennerit BB to Kleese).
Using a Smart “Easy Money”, her Harresburra Adrenal Serum, and a Poor “M-Pulse” Controller is rather sick in PvE for Defense Missions, if expensive.
Double Dose does seem to do way more work than it should.
If there were a straight up nerf, that would be a good candidate based on PvE play.
It seems to be objectively better than Plague Rat.

On Kelvin:
I remember getting his character lore done when his Stun was 1 second.
It was awful.
His cool down is appropriately balanced for not allowing Sublimate’s use as both an initiator and a retreat.
He’s also still a horrible choice for Capture, since his shtick is Chomp and minion clearing.
I was recently working on El Dragon lore and going up against a Kelvin was favourable, to me.

Marquis disagrees.

I’m pretty sure over half the characters disagree.


Well that too. I just find it hilarious how fast Marquis reks Miko.

Uhh, what? Silence absolutely should cancel Ghalt, Whiskey, and Rath’s ults.

Not just a silence at level one, but a ranged homing silence. Also, the duration refreshes each time you get hit with a fulminate projectile, making it effectively a 4 second silence. I’m fine with Phoebe’s silence since it requires you landing a skillshot and then attacking them within a certain time frame.


Hey there buddy, you might want to send messages like these directly to Gearbox Support, they accept suggestions too. There isn’t much point to post anything on the forums if you aren’t willing to have a discussion. And you also shouldn’t post anything here and expect no one to reply, it’s a public forum. Toodles!


I think of support as being for, well, actual support. Forums are for opinions. I’m fine with people commenting, I’m just not going to get into any debates. Like I said, these are opinions from a lot of play and especially on Miko, I just don’t care what anyone else’s opinion is. Heck, I’m no Battleborn pro I could very well be wrong, doesn’t change my opinion one lick.

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Miko’s been a #1 top pick since creation. The changes to wound actually helped Miko more than hurt Miko. Instead of Gali pulling everyone to sure fire death (except Boldur), they literally can still just get away or still heal out your damage. Compound that with the fact the majority of wounds on characters cause them to jump through hoops just to get the wound. Even then it actually makes them weaker when they pick it. On top of that catching one is a literally pain between the ms boost and the slow perk.

Kelvin needs something man. Its not Subliminate that makes him strong, it’s chomp and health regen. You literally can not kill this BB once he’s got his health regen passives working and healing for some absurd number like 150+/second. Hell he’s hard to kill just when he’s healing 35~/second. That being said he’s in an OK spot.

I agree with Beatrix, every new BB has been broken except Pendles. Even then he’s got his own abuse cases.

What you are experiencing with Deande is the fact her #1 build involves shield stacking so you can get mad burst damage profiles. She also has the hardest to see invis with the eye, which makes tracking her super hard since she can literally jump anyway she wants from you. Also #tankydeande awwwww yeeeaaah

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Until Marquis deletes him in an instant.