Gearbox Support Being Cruel?

Screenshot 2022-01-01 101806

I mentioned breefly that it was brought to my attention that it would be a 10 minute problem, instead this “Hamza C” Raised my ticket to! #9148027

When the lowest most recent possible ticket is #247926

Can someone please sort this guy out and help me with my Poker night 2 items transfering to Borderlands 2? I have waited a full week now, through chrismas & new years just waiting on this little thing that wouldnt even take 30 minutes from his day and he keeps screwing me around.

Given that issues with Poker Night 2 skins not transferring was an issue when the game launched in 2013, I suspect that 2K has simply hit the counter cap and reset it.

I don’t know of 2K have access to player SHIFT accounts or not; in the past, players would simply provide screen shots to prove they had earned the rewards, and GBX would be add them manually. So another possibility for the numbering is that they’ve transferred the ticket specifically to GBX to handle.

I tried that man but this bloke just put my ticket request into 2k’s system

So by default, anything labelled as “Borderlands 2” is handled by 2K (at least initially). I guess it’s something in the 2K-GBX publishing agreement, but 2K handle front-line support for all the Borderlands titles.

You could try opening a separate support ticket and use SHIFT as the game/game issue - in the past, that’s always gone direct to GBX.

And I thought that might change with Gearbox’s acquisition by Embracer last year, but both GB and 2K say 2k is still going to be providing support and distribution.

Must be some contract!