Gearbox support not responding

Been over 72 hours since I opened up my ticket with one generic cache reset response in over 48, starting to get really irritated. I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to even get my free hero key before alanine is released for everyone and I just unlock her using credits making their season pass pointless.

I got a responce.
They said the fix has been deployed and all i need to do is restart my game.
Still doesnt work.
Sent a reply but still waiting on them to get back

Hit “reply” on your email ticket, make sure you type above the previous stuff, and ask for an update. The 2K Support desk seems to be understaffed and overwhelmed right now so, should you get a “How did we do?” email at some point, be sure to tell them politely that they need more staff!

They responded after awhile.
Asked me for all my details and for proof and what not.
Then they said actual staff will look into the issue for me (or something along those lines)
I kindly thanked them and im patiently awaiting the next response.

Epic sent me a code for the paragon alpha.
Guess ill play that while i wait