Gearbox Support on Skill Point Malfunction on PC

Had been playing Borderlands 3 during my time off religiously on a Moze the Gunner up to level 50 and beyond towards Guardian Rank 122. I’ve respec’d skills who knows how many times.

My issue is one I haven’t seen pop up often or at all frequently yet. I’m a level 50 Moze with only 47 usable skill points instead of 48. Didn’t know that issue at all for possibly 70 hours of gameplay.

I will say I can vouch BEFORE the patch this was an issue as I tried an early build I thought looked fun, but couldn’t seem to “count it right”. Nope, just have 1 point less than other level 50’s.

Any help or advice would be appreciated

I have the same issue. Opened a ticket 11 days ago. Still not fixed. I have no idea what to do.