Gearbox support says 360 and One have different shift codes?

Hey all,

I just installed the Handsome Jack collection to play the new Lilith DLC on xbox one, and tried to use some recent shift codes to get golden keys. They didn’t show up in game for my new level 30 character, so I contacted gearbox support to see if there was an issue with my account. Their reply puzzled me and I wanted to check in with y’all. The rep sent me a message that included, “Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One uses two different sets of SHiFT Codes.”

I’ve only ever seen one set of codes for both xbox models - is the gearbox rep wrong?

There’s only codes for XBox Live listed on the shift rewards age. I haven’t seen any announcement to the effect that ‘Handsome Collection’ codes would not work in the 360 version.

That said, there is one thing I know you can’t do: If you enter a code on XB1, you can not then enter the same code on 360 (one redemption per account and platform). And the other way around - you cannot reuse a code on XB1 you already redeemed on 360.

(You can however use the Character Upload/Download as a way to get skins and heads from the 360 version to the Handsome Collection version of the game, but that is a one-way process and does not work for Golden Keys.)

So were these codes that you’d previously redeemed on 360?

Man, I really do wish that the Character Upload/Download would be made cross platform, so I could move my characters and their Heads, Skins and Gear to the PC version! :pleading_face:


these were brand new codes just tweeted out by @Borderlands.


Do you have a link to the tweet?

Sure -

For the record, the initial issue that caused me to contact support - not being able to redeem any keys - seems to have been resolved, either by something gearbox did today or by me going to on my computer, unlinking my xbox account there, then launching BLPS on xbox one and signing into Shift there. I couldn’t sign into Shift in BL2 on the Xbox One - the Shift menu didn’t think I was online, even though I could browse multiplayer games, check DLC and upload a character from the cloud. But I was just able to use the most recent shift codes to get keys in both games. Still no sign of the 75 loyalty keys, but I have a ticket open for that.