Gearbox supporting Covid-19 relief with in-game cosmetic mask

Please don’t spread misinformation here.

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I don’t need or want that in video games


you’re always free to play something else.


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Bandits wear masks that look similar to this all the time, and it’s an optional cosmetic that you can only get by donating on their merch site.

On top of that, plenty of community members have made borderlands inspired face coverings throughout the pandemic.

It really isn’t a big deal. Don’t donate if you don’t want to see it. I think it looks cool.


I got an email about this before I read about it on Reddit or here. Presumably, they had my email from when I signed up for (or SHIFT).

I like it, and honestly the masks fit in the Borderlands universe anyways. Half the psychos are already wearing them.

I suppose FL4K technically doesn’t need the mask, but maybe they’re being nice and not trying to spread COVID. :wink:

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I’ve got it on now, it looks really neat.

I wouldn’t mind more of this in the future!

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So much for no micro transaction. What happened, Randy? Why you lyin’?

Just kidding. It’s good to see people step up for a good cause.

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I still wish they had some actual cloth masks made that were Borderlands themed for people to wear.

They do .

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Nice! Was kinda hoping more of a Bandit look mask, and the Vaulthunter V type mask. But maybe I will purchase…

I got that email as well! Lol I’m guessing they just sent it to all Shift registered email addresses.

Bought it but keeping Anubis head on Flak for now

This more your type?

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Yeah. They look cool and a good cause to go with it.

Did they ever release those heads that they streamers were using? Like the Spartan looking Amara head?

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Not yet.

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Well that sucks. I probably won’t use it, but I have an unhealthy need to collect everything, so this bothers me.

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I’m not agreeing or disagreeing about your opinion of the virus, but this seems like a pretty big overreaction about a $5 charity cosmetic.