Gearbox, Thank You!

Dear Gearbox,

Your entire team is fantastic! That’s not just blowing smoke up ole claptraps vents either. I wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you have put into your games. I am one gamer who lives precariously through your games and it’s been a thrill.

Please take the necessary time to make any improvements you deem necessary. I don’t think I need to tell you to have fun because this game oozes with the gearbox personality.

I wish everyone the best and can’t wait to play more!


Are you sure “precariously” is the term you were looking for?

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When I turn on a game I’m living through their creativity and design. Am I wrong in explaining it in such a way?

The word you’re looking for is vicariously, although the importance of one word is negligible; you’re emphatic about the game and that was conveyed properly.

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Thanks for taking me back to school! I agree vicariously would have been a clearer choice. Hopefully Gearbox doesn’t dock points off my final report card :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just trying to express gratitude to all those involved. Give Gearbox the love they deserve :sparkling_heart:!

If they fix Borderlands Handsome Collection for Xbox One then they can have my ‘love’

Thanks @troyzcooler! I’ll pass this along to the gang for you. :smile: