Gearbox, The Marquis is broken

I’ve played 5 matches today where the marquis single handedly won the match by sniping the sentry bot from across the map, and there wasn’t really a darned thing anyone could do about it. Twice he was on my side and three times he was on the opposition. The last match carried on as a fair fight for about 12 minutes, we were even pressing them back to their first sentry bot and had it about 40% dead. Then the opposition took control of the central battle zone, the Marquis got set up and he never gave up the position.

I have been shot by the marquis in another round for 973 damage in a single shot and that was not even at a great distance, I was standing next to the shock turret on the incursion map playing as Miko and he was on the ramparts that lay directly in front of their sentry bot, I thought to harass him out of that position, he came up over the edge as I rounded the corner and blam! One shot for almost 1000 damage.

A good player using the Marquis can rack up a ridiculous amount of kills, his sniper rifle fires way too fast for it’s damage output and he has way too much survivability. He’s supposed to be “fragile” but with 300 shields and 1000 hp he’s as durable as Oscar Mike and temporal distortion makes it way too easy for him to make getaways. Add to that his owls not only provide him with intel but do a sizable chunk of damage. You can’t even take cover from the damned rifle, it’s possible for it to go through walls eventually.

I dunno what you guys were thinking. You took one character and you loaded his kit with everything you could ever want. He has no real shortcomings. Don’t take my word or anyone elses’ though just go look at your own stats and you’re going to see the marquis is running away with a lot of games. He obviously needs tweaking, it wouldn’t hurt to adjust incursion to prevent him from being able to snipe the sentry bot. As it stands, because you can’t change characters in the middle of the round you’re hosed if you get in a bad spot vs the marquis and good luck dislodging him if he’s got support. The last round I was in where I won (by riding on the marquis’s coat tails) the guy playing the Marquis said “Yeeah. The only real counter to the Marquis is the marquis, it’s almost unfair really.” When the only counter to the marquis is the marquis you have a design problem.

I know this will probably tick off people who like the Marquis (I like his personality frankly, it’s fun) and I’m sorry to you guys but he’s over powered and if he ships the way he is I can easily see him warping the game around his existence. It doesn’t matter how strong any of the other characters are, he can demolish them before they can really hope to touch him.

All of my best matches today have been matches were there was no Marquis. I had a match that went till time ran out and it was beautiful. We had some very good healers and heavies and we played tug of war in the center for the whole time. And if anyone had picked the Marquis it would have devolved into one side never being able to leave their base.


Marquis is made to set up in a position. His health and damage output are so low at close range it’s so easy to die if you don’t start to run away. He’s supposed to territorial, although I agree with the fact that he shouldn’t be able to sentry snipe across the map. Perhaps put a certain area around a sentry where you have to attack from.
Now to Miko, that is his downfall. His large mushroom head makes him the easiest target for crits. Three shots to the head of Miko and he’s gone. And I feel that’s fair given the fact that he is a healer and is in general and pretty strong character.

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He has counters. Shayne absolutely flattens him for one, and Pheobe should as well. I haven’t yet unlocked most of the characters but I assume those 2 aren’t alone… Marquis is extra squishy once caught.

You’re talking about having to pick your character just to counter the Marquis, who may or may not even show up in your match and you don’t see the problem? That is format warping in action. I have seen no other character so dominant that it’s mere presence can completely change the tempo of a match.

Also It’s not like Shayne gets a guaranteed kill. Particularly if the Marquis’s team mates are protecting him.

No, I’m just saying he can be beat by someone not him quite easily. If your team is all tanks or something you’re gonna have a bad time… wait to pick last to fill a needed hole, of which an assassin is pretty handy for way more than just snipers.

Sniping the sentry is a problem, IMO. Aside from that, sounds like a good player. The one time I tried to play Marquis yesterday, it was a nightmare. I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn and got wrecked repeatedly. I know I’m not a good player, but the point is that it isn’t like (aside from the sentry) Marquis isn’t a big red win button.

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The situation with the Sentry is valid…but overall Marquis is not OP, hes staring down a rifle scope all game=vulnerable. Catch him w/a decent brawler or assassin and hes dead. Period.

No decent player is going to be stupid enough to stay zoomed in all the time Phiya. Just like he’s not going to stand there if you’re somehow getting close to him. He’ll stopwatch out. A bad Marquis isn’t the problem. And again. It’s not like you and the Marquis are the only players in the game.

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Beside the Sentry, the only thing I hate about Marquis is how high the headshot modifier is that can he can take down a Thrall super fast. It’s an AI controlled mob so expecting them to dodge is a no-no.

However, against players, it’s not like he can’t be sneak stealth up to and destroyed. He’s only an issue if you’re the type to turtle and try to stay and fight on that mid land high ground spot all the way. The incursion map does offer a way to flank.

I believe Gearbox is aware of the sentry snipining already. We found that out in the early access preview but I don’t think they had enough time to fix it for the open beta.

Ok i wasnt speaking literally, but he is zoomed in to be effective. Bad or not hes no Thornn when it comes to escaping, ambush Marquis> he pops the Watch>melee initiates standard stun or closer skill>beating should resume.

I know not every thing takes place in a vacuum but i have a hard time imagining any scenario where Marquis by himself is hard to get the drop on. By all intents and purposes if you check the scoreboard and hes going “Ham” on your team? Said team should be on notice with atleast 1 character tasked with making him uncomfortable all game. I mean the respawn is shown on screen and character faces are shown on mini map…its not like hes a ninja lol.

Ninja Marq for skin

When he snipes from safe full of rocket spawn= broken. When i flank him with anti CC on. Priceless.

I hope they do something about it, because the last few games have been spoilt because of this. On both teams, Marquis was just standing there sniping the length of the map. People who do this are just common camping CoD snipers, and it’s got no place in a game like this.

Fact is, he needs changing. His bullet velocity and damage is too high - and that allows him to camp and shoot. I was shredded in the last game because i’d just unlocked Toby and having tested him out on a solo game I liked him. But because he’s HUGE you can’t miss him from half way down the map, and I just got hammered by sniper Marquis.

They could simply alter this by changing the him to have a bullet drop off and less velocity, like Thorn. All other ranged attackers need to work for their kills, CoD champ Marquis…well.

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Be a 10/10
walk in to a game, see a level 19 marquis player
assume he probably farmed games cheesing by sniping sentries
like the 10/10 I am wait to see what he does.
First 30 seconds pass.
He shoots sentry 6 times.
I immediately sprint and turn the corner to the stairs
See that fine robot booty and then
The crowd goes wild
Boldur axes him a question
“Why you cheese tho?” he asks
as he drops his pants to taunt.
Boldur claimed the territory
Holding right click he laughed as marquis could never shoot past the ledge
Ever again.

That’s been my life playing against Marquis so far.


This is a MOBA… There are always going to be strong picks you can’t counter in a blind-pick matchup. That’s what the ranked mode is for. Banning people you don’t want in the match and drafting counters and a comp that is setup to win more easily than the opposing team.

Give the shields damage reflect. Problem solved.

I’m a Marquis main. Since closed beta he’s been my go to. And I’ll tell you, Marquis is strong. but not HORRIBLE. If he plays against a melee assassin, his only escape is to slap you away, and hope you get slowed by his Q. His Q specs into bonus movement speed at level 1, and a further slow at level 9. If you give him the chance to sit back and snipe, as long as he takes the right level 5 talent, and you don’t respect him, him will kill you. Just like anyone. He has a small shield, and a pretty low health pool, with low movement speed like a sniper should have.

I would’ve thought anyone with invis can just smack him off the ledge to his death. I never played incursion, but surely Oscar Mike could go invis from a place of safety, run up behind him, and off-hand melee him off the ledge and into the fray? Can’t imagine the Marquis would live long once removed from his throne.

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Pshhh I’ll ignore everyone else, kill that Marquis and run with ANY character. He’s powerful yes, so don’t play his game