@Gearbox:This game is somehow EVEN better than we expected

Listen y’all have read these enough, so I’m gonna try and keep it short. Battleborn isn’t just good, it’s amazing. In my years of following the game since the reveal trailer I never anticipated having so much fun. I am level 40 already, this game marking the first game since Halo:reach(6 years ago) that I couldn’t put the controller down all night, all weekend(stayed up til 6 am friday and saturday nights…mornings?). Y’all have done something absolutely special with this game, DO NOT listen to all the ■■■■■■■ haters, your game is not boring AT ALL, it’s a truly new experience that everyone needs to get in on…Xbox and PC people be warned…You will not see your family for days, you will get out of shape, and you’ll lose sleep.(Btw this was originally on reddit just thought I should put it on here)


Very cool. Spread the word, especially while the beta is live and people can actually try it (I think they need to for this game because it is hard to categorize). The more the merrier.


Cannot agree more, this is such an amazing game and I honestly can’t see why some people dislike it. This game brings all my favourite things and mash it into one BADASS game. @Gearbox is truly the masters of Badassery


Never expected that, but this game can get better than Borderlands 2. Now BO2 is the best game to me and I hope it gets beaten by Battleborn.

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I would have an internal argument with myself that I’m actually having more fun on Battleborn tbh