Gearbox, time to step up

Hi there.
Finally, matchmaking is better. I can play some games at last. Off course, you can debate about nerfing and buffing characters, but that doesn’t really bother me. What does botter me, is the amount of noobs just quitting games that are 300-210 etc. Because there is hardly any penalty, why wouldn’t you just abandon your team? I find it time Gearbox steps up and makes penalties for leaver much much more severe. I was thinking of a 24 hour ban after 3 forfeits in a week. 2 forfeits in a week means a 4 hours ban, 1 forfeit means a 1 hour ban.

What u think?

if you change the surrender mechanic in any way, people will just leave. if you punish people for leaving anymore than they already do, then people will just not play the game. if people dont play the game, then you wont have anyone to play against. then the game just dies.

idk what you honstly, realistically think would happen if you punish people for leaving matches. do you think people would resolve to stay in matches that they dont want to be in and try as hard as they can, just by implementing an impending punishment if they leave? there is no chance that would happen

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This happens in literally every moba that I’ve played. The games here last long enough that it’s necessary to try and keep everyone in the game until it ends.

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Do the opposite and reward not quitting games.


I’m not talking about the forfeit mechanism. I am talking about punishing regular quitters. I think 1 in 25 gamers quits more than 3 times a week (no forfeit, just rage quits). Those players ruin the game of 9 others, so I find they should be punished harder. You presume game dies because of this, I think more people quit playing now because there are so many aborters.

Anyway, I’m finding it very annoying :frowning:

What most people say in this post is annoyingly true. GBX will not try to ban or punish anyone severely just because they leave or afk. Over the weekend, it usually peaked around 1,200-1,400 players, and since last weekend it peaked around 800-1,000 players.

I played over 5 games of Incursion last night and 3 of the games I played had an afk and leaver. People will just leave over and over again. Battleborn does not have 10,000 over players for GBX to ban the players for this behaviour.

I’m not really good with technical stuff but basically, I think qutters should be killed with longitudinal waves somehow. Surrenders are a part of the game and if you think otherwise you can’t come to my birthday party.

Anyway, first off the rematch system needs to be reversed so that you have to opt in to remain with your current team at the end of each match instead of opting out.

Then, there needs to be warnings, reward reduction, softbans, and fines of currency in that order.

Then, brown noise.

+1 yes, please

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There should be more of a punishment for leaving a match, but I don’t think it should be too harsh. They could match those who quit often with other quitters.

In other words, incentivize playing the game.
They could give a 10% increase in credits for playing a week without quitting and a 20% increase for a month. They could possibly even reward 50-100 platinum for not quitting for a month and for playing at least four days out of a week each week.

Definitely. You can rejoin your games, so there’s no reason to claim that a disconnect would be causing anyone not to be able to play. They can rejoin.

Either a ban system, or a system where you can only get match made to people with a similar leave record would be good.

That way all the quitters can play with each other, and normal players would actually have good games.


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I don’t think rewarding normal (not quitters) players will do anything. Rage quitters weren’t getting any credits anyway and they don’t really care about the game enough (why else would they abandon a team game so often?) It’s unfortunate that 1 in 10 players is able to ruin the game for the 9 others. I think a 3 strike ban would work.

After quitting X number of games, the player’s title is forcibly changed to a special “Quitter” title that has a funny graphic of a stick figure running out a door. They can change it back after 24 hours.

It will never happen, but it would be fitting.


You can’t give unranked games quitting penalties. If ranked ever comes out, absolutely punish leavers. But they need to reward staying to the end more instead of punishing quitters.

I’ve said it plenty before:

“Leaver” flag. A secret thing that we don’t see. Just queue leavers together. Don’t queue them with me and other non-leavers.

Problem solved.

Regarding punishing leavers. I hope this goes without saying, but if this implemented, please punish players that disconnect and don’t reconnect. My cable internet goes spotty sometimes and have been booted out of games when all the internet in my house goes down.

It’s infuriating and I feel terrible letting my team down in PvP. Almost punched my screen once. I try and get back into the match as soon as I can, and apologize profusely when I reconnect. I have been on record here saying I will never vote to surrender, so I would never knowingly DC from a match.

I’m all for punishing quitters, but please ensure that A disconnect out of my control doesn’t put me in the Leaver’s Que.

I agree. If you get disconnected and rejoin, you are not a quitter imo. I did some stats since I created this topic:

19 out of 23 matches 1 or more player quitted the game. That means 19 ■■■■ matches with a big win or a big loss, just because some **** decided it’s just as easy to just quit. I hear all these thinks about rewarding stayers instead of punishing leavers. But that is not gonna work as I stated before. Now matchmaking is faster, it’s time to just start punish leavers. It’s extremely frustrating 1 player is able to mess the game up, and not getting punished for it. He just waits 5 mins and rejoins, who cares? Again, why not make a 3 strike rule:

1 rage quit per week: 30 minutes ban
2 rage quits: 2 hour ban
3 rage quits: 24 hour ban

Why not at least try this? Every serious gamer will benefit from this, every rage quitter is punished. What is not to like about this? I mean, If I get a disconnect, I just rejoin… I won’t leave the 9 other guys struggle in a messed game. I honestly have not been able to find a single argument why Gearbox does not do this (beside that it may mean less gamers will be online. I doubt this. Now, serious gamers will quit because the games are just frustrating.

Match making is also too horrible at the moment to have a system like this.

You can’t put people in a horribly balanced match and then force them to stay, they’re already locked out of playing a game until the current one ends.