Gearbox to 'adjust' guardian takedown next week

Found on their Twitter page … No mention of it on here from them though!

Thank you to everyone who has played Takedown at the Guardian Breach since the patch! We have some adjustments in the works based on player feedback, starting with a reduction to enemy health early next week. More info to come!

nothing like admiting it was either intentional or ■■■■ up classic gbx

oh wow 99.999% weapons can not even dent a trash mob? yeah we will reduce their hp


Why do they always ■■■■ on the hardcore fans who are in this forum? Why do they announce news on social media pages but not on their own forum?


Yeah … I like the bit about ‘making some adjustments based on player feedback’!


Because they already have our money; they use the social media bs to reel in new ‘consumers’

Are they also going to ‘adjust’ the massive HUD next week.

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I did hear that they might apply the fix early rather than wait until Thursday … It will be interesting to see what they do. Will it just be enemy health or will they be able to do anything about insta death and drop rates?

I’m glad that they are reacting to our concerns so quickly, I just wish that they’d been more careful implementing it in the first place so that we wouldn’t need a fix!


My guess would be that the social media team just has a better connection to the development team than the forum community managers do. That’s not particularily unusual.
That aside, forum posts are reserved for blog posts, patch notes and other major anouncements whereas social media is more of a direct line of communication.
That aside, they probably assume that most players are keeping an eye on their twitter anyways since that is where they share golden key codes and the likes.
Nothing against your righteous indignation but I don’t think it really is something to take offense to.

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Is GB actually capable of improving this game? Seems like they are only interested in ruining it.


so the solo takedown I m doing now is equivalent to true take down next week :rofl:

We do have to give GB credit for making adjustments to try and make it more enjoyable and possible lol.

They know this game is in need of some serious medical attention but when they attempt their C.P.R., instead of giving chest compressions, they are tickling it’s feet.

Many of us are simply unable to play, the HUD and FOV is unbearably bug.

A day-one fix for this should have been forthcoming; alas, not even an acknowledgement has been forthcoming.
It was the first time (thursday) that I had booted the game up in almost two weeks. Such a waste of time at the moment.

Lol, they are doing it wrong . Instead of reducing HP on M10… and now on takedown… hold onto your horses for this novel idea… How about you buff some guns so we can do some damage…

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Not everyone is into social media though- this forum is as close as I come to the concept. Posting info here, even if it’s after they do it on Facebook, twitter, etc. would be appreciated…


Maybe, but again, it’s not unusual for developers to use twitter or facebook as a means for direct communications and forums just as a platform for lengthier stuff.
Particularily if it’s only short announcements or PSA’s.