Gearbox - Top List for Next Patch - Cheat you didnt fix

Map stuff:

relevant code addSalvage(“Slv_Chunk_Lrg03”, {0.0, 0.0, 0.0,}, 100, 0, 0, 0, 0)

Problem >>>> This was in the “crimson bond” I found in my leveldata after a fishy game - between **'s

addDustCloud("polySurface9", "DustCloud_0", {-6437,
		-24300}, {1,
		1}, 206.066, 2001.999);

	addSalvage("Slv_Chunk_Sml01", {21302,
		-16652}, 14000, 0, 0, 0, 0);

	addDustCloud("polySurface9", "DustCloud_0", {-5419,
		-23581}, {1,
		1}, 54.56, 2001.999);

Incidentaly host we all know and love from original HW (starts with a “Dic” ends in an "en"was at:

function DetermChunk()
	addPoint("StartPos0", {22533,
		-16639}, {0,

Rather close to this chunk of RU, don’t you think?

Now I know what this means as I used to map, You need to either lock it down so only vetted maps go through or code - a rather complex undertaking - a check for “unfair” situations:

But please, do not kill autodownload on account of this.

Actually - scratch the complex part. You simply need to build a check:

If RU within a certain radius of each start varies by more than X - kill the variance. Simple.


LOL, this didn’t take long at all.

Gearbox doesn’t need to do anything about this, if you see a Crimson Bond map without the thumbnail, don’t play it. Dicen is a VERY WELL known cheater in HW2, everyone learned to avoid his games pretty quickly. The same will happen here, too.

In this case you are right, he switches it right on start. But, you can build a map that looks exactly like regular - thumbnail and all.

Yes they do need to do something about it because while this particular guy hasn’t grown up in over a decade, there is a lot more of his kind than anyone would like. And since this opens the game up for exploits, as developers of said game, they should own it.

The answer would be to tag the map unofficial when it has been downloaded. Then there is absolutely no room for confusion.
Alternatively you could prevent maps with names that already official exist from being autodownloaded.

You can’t use a balancing check in this fashion, because not every map is supposed to be balanced in this manner.

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You can build the thumbnail, but it won’t download just because he switched the map to it, so you can easily tell it’s not a stock map.

Gearbox needs to do only one thing - ensure that modified maps always get the “unknown level” thumbnail, unless a user specifically installs the map together with the thumbnail. This was default behavior in HW2.


Your solution makes sense. I just think it also means that most people will simply avoid custom maps, and those that don’t are the ones who don’t know what we are talking about here - which perpetuates the problem.

I propose that a fear of a “bad” host barrier to custom maps be eliminated by eliminating the possibility of a cheat.

This way people can more freely try out new maps and keep the experience fresh instead of abandoning multiplayer because they are crimsoned out.

PS my maps in HW2 shown the thumbnail and downloaded with the rest of the content. I could be remembering wrong but I doubt it as I distinctly remember fixing thumbnails so people can see the starts better during testing.

Haven’t had the time to do the same - yet - so forgive me if I am going senile. Its been ages after all :slight_smile:

Well, it’s been a while for me too, I’d have to double check it to be sure…

I would suggest posting custom map packs on steam for semi-official distribution. Placing anti-cheat evaluation on the maps will just lead to the cheaters learning how to avoid it. I don’t think that’s a wise time investment for the devs.

A picture is worth,…

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I would put that picture, along with a summary of what the cheat is exactly, in the OP since it isn’t clear to the layman. Obviously, the main target audience is the devs but if you simply added a first line like:

Players can still cheat by modifying/recreating existing maps with better starting advantages (e.g. salvageable hulks with high RUs) for themselves and then passing them off as the original official maps!

This would grab everyone’s attention more easily.

I didn’t want it clear to the layman.

As for place you are probably right. It didn’t belong in the tech support since there is nothing to support. I do not see a section for bugs and beta testers (which we are), so I chose a section which is most affected by this - multiplayer.

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This is so true. It would be great to separate bugs/oversights/exploits from MP balancing discussion by having separate subforums.

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Passing this cheat up to the team.

I may have an idea to help with this, will cover when it isn’t 5:30am, and I still haven’t slept…


you should take better care of yourself, this doesn’t come across as a healthy work/life balance and could be detrimental to your productivity. :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for being totally off topic.

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