Gearbox Twitch stream that may be of interest

I have no idea why gearbox don’t put links to these in here themselves…

Basically, apparently we are getting dedicated loot sources
Bigger banks
Mayhem mode balances
And more

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Some ideas:

  • Pets: They should adjust the modifiers for health and damage based on level and game mode (TVHM, MH1-3). Additionally, starting with THVM, pets should get shields.
  • Banks: A shared bank + a per-character bank. It’s really that simple. There’s even slots available in Marcus’s shop.
  • Iron Bear: While Iron Bear does need end-game buffs for when one’s inside it, there should also be a skill that makes it act like a turret so Moze never needs to get inside it. As much as I love playing Moze, IB is a waste of an action skill in its current form, at least for me.
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Here’s hoping it’s a real loot drop fix and not “Here’s 5 places these 5 guns will drop” and then absolutely nothing else. The pool is too big.

And thank god for the storage. It’s like this catch 22 rn. Since the pool is too big, a gun good for your build should be saved to trade… except then you can’t store any guns you want to store. Suddenly you’re filled up with tradeable guns and no more space for any more, thereby creating artificial scarcity of these good guns since a lot of them get tossed (for the people that don’t make mule alts). Makes that pool even more obviously excessive.

Thank god for fl4k’s pets and bear (along with zane in general I hope). Seems like whenever they put in a “helper” as an ability it’s always underpowered (Roland, Axton, wilhelm, etc).

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So they are overall making the game accessible.Thats a fancy word for easier.Not sure what to think until I see it.MH modifiers being toned down is good to some extent.A lot of semi usable builds may now work to the fullest.

I’d be a little more motivated to play if they made dedicated loot sources. The current way of farming is too boring and random. Honestly it makes the nerfs come as a bigger blow because it’s not so easy to just go out and target farm a new weapon. Of course stash is another huge issue and mayhem modifiers among many other issues most agree on. Looks like they are going to address these problems but it can’t come soon enough. Until I see actual progress and not just these constant “balancing” hot fixes I just can’t bring myself to play this mess. The first division went through similar release issues and I quit for about a year and a half. By the time I checked back in the game was great. Crossing my fingers gbx won’t take a year and a half.