Gearbox, view this review link and you will see the main issue of our Frustration with Battleborn

Gearbox, view this review link and you will see the main issue of our Frustration with Battleborn.

-At least make all Character available like Overwatch, the grinding is killing your game.
-Make the matches shorter time length like Overwatch because 30 mins is way too much for a round!
-Make more save points in stroy mode.
-Make it possible to change selected Character at the re-spawn point like Overwatch because it is annoying to be locked with a Character that you regret selecting and having to stick to it for the whole game. Being able to adapt to the difficultly of the round and changing Characters to counter the other team make the game more appealing and fun.
-The rest to be fixed is in the review, so please watch it.

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His point about failing after an hour, Yes that!

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Sounds like you just want to play Overwatch, none of that affects my enjoyment of the game.


So . . . make the game Overwatch? I have to disagree with this.

A) I really don’t understand the complaint about needing to unlock characters and calling it a grind is a bit ridiculous IMO. I unlocked the vast majority of the characters within a day or two, the only ones it took me any amount of time to unlock were Kleese and Ghalt. Given the sheer number of characters, even though I’ve been playing nearly every day since launch two months ago, there are still characters I have yet to really play. So I don’t see why they all need to be unlocked from square one. Overall, I just don’t understand calling it a “grind”, anyone who thinks you have to “grind” to unlock the characters needs to go play Warframe (not to knock Warframe, it’s a great game) or any other F2P game and they’ll find a real grind there.

B) Match lengths are just fine and are pretty standard for a MOBA. To make the matches shorter they’d had to decrease time-to-kill and I would hate that. It’s one of the things I hate most about Overwatch actually, how easily you can be destroyed in the space of like a second or two.

C) There are plenty of checkpoints in the story missions. The only problem is the instant fail nonsense, I still wish GBX would fix that.

D) Wow, no, no, no, no, no, and let me think . . . NO! Allowing people to change characters mid-match would just be a nightmare for the balance and make the game not very fun at all. I’m glad Overwatch can do that, it’s a really cool and unique feature, it’s not for every game though and it would be disastrous in BB.

Disclaimer: Haven’t watched the review yet because I’m short on time but may come back to watch it later.


At one point the reviewer was clearly talking about the original version of The Saboteur, which has since been changed so it’s actually beatable. It’s unfortunate that so many people gained a negative view of the game based on that one level. FIrst/early impressions are so critical, and in a lot of cases this game just rubbed people the wrong way early on.

Otherwise, it sounds like he just wanted Battleborn to be Overwatch. In which case he should just play Overwatch.


Everybody can say here, then just go to Overwatch and Team Fortress 2, the thing is I like the ideas and modes of Battleborn but the time length is a total killer here and that is my reason that I got tired of it really quick. And in the end, you guys cannot deny that your player base count is really low, so not much of you guys because the other majority complains about this also and have quited this game like me. Just trying to have a little hope here that they will see this before it is to late. So many games before went down this road and just Died… A shame…

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Nope, I like the modes in Battleborn more than in Overwatch, the issues in the review is what kills the game…

= Make it like OW

OW’s success is not in it’s options. If you look at user score at Metacritic (BB, OW), you’ll notice OW has even less score than BB.
PC: 7.1 BB / 7.0 OW
PS4: 6.9 BB / 6.2 OW
XB1: 7.3 BB / 5.6 OW

Of course these scores aren’t accurate, but at least they show OW is not a kind of a perfect example of what all other games should be.


I already knew about the scores. I am not here to brag about Overwatch or Team Fortress, actually I want Gearbox to fix the game before it dies and make it even better than Overwatch because the modes in Battleborn are more appealing.

If you say so. The player base is low because a more hyped game came out at a similar time. Your “fixes” won’t make players magically play


That’s cool, just different opinions. I like the progression system and unlocking characters in Battleborn, but that’s just me.
Although I do agree with the reviewer that this game is DOA on Twitch. About 40 total viewers when I was watching last night, while Overwatch had 50,000 or so.

How I wish that too! But there’s an issue, it’s unclear what they should do to the game to start getting more players instead of losing them. And players themselves have very different opinions.

I personally think only proper marketing could save the game.

Sorry that is just excuses… The reality is what is more fun appeals to most players then torturing game issues. So try justifying the over 10 million players on Overwatch ( already above league of Legends) and the 1000 players daily on Battleborn. The Numbers do not fool anybody and it says people will always choose a game that gives them fun instead of the frustration with the issues everybody complains about. Facts that are proven by the numbers, there is no denying it.

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I don´t think any of the listed points is a issue GBX have to fix. All things mentioned are unique characteristics of Battleborn, if you dislike them its due to your personal taste & preference.

For example:
I personally dislike Benedicts voice. But I know its my personal taste, not a issue that needs to be fixed and that many love Ben´s cocky character for the same reasons I hate him.

You want BB to be different, and thats okay. But the things you want to see changed are no issues of the game which need to get fixed. They are points you personally dislike.
Its important to keep track which things are solid issues (balance problems, broken gear, bugs, marketing, MM, ect.) and which are personal opinions and perspectives.


League of Legends is closer to 27 million players playing daily I think, as of 2014, which I can only assume has grown since then. I don’t really know much about it I just know it has a lot of players :stuck_out_tongue:

But, I’m not worried about Battleborn, the game will be fine, the player base will grow.


There are always different tastes and preferences, but Gearbox has to start thinking about what the Majority wants because the game will die down on this path because it is really poorly making sales, not even on steam sales it got boosted.

I wish I could be optimist about it… but at its current status… I cannot see it getting better… Sorry… a shame, really…

Then leave the game. I’m happy with the way it is now, changes can make it better but they don’t need to change anything to raise my enjoyment :smiley:


Apart from the addition of save points within story mode (which may be a good idea, possibly even as an ‘easy mode’), the rest really are opinions rather than ‘must have’ fixes. Personally I disagree with the rest of them. 30 minutes is just fine as it is (I don’t want 10 minute games, one of the aspects I disliked about Overwatch) - Battleborn is has Moba qualities and these games need more time to rank up your characters etc. I also like the fact that you have a character and have to stick to it for a match, developing its abilities through levelling up (I don’t think players flitting between characters in this type of game would work). As for unlocking characters being a grind, that’s really not the case, it doesn’t take long to unlock many of them through levelling or their challenges and with 26 currently to choose from, there’s plenty to get to grips with for the characters that someone has unlocked whilst they unlock the rest.

So whilst you may want these changes, and likely some others too, I (and no doubt others too) don’t want to see these things happen.

Just to pick you up on that. Firstly, unless there’s updated stats somewhere, it was 7 million players who have played Overwatch in the first week. This doesn’t mean that there are 7 million players playing the game every day, it’s the total number in that week who played. The figure is likely to have dropped since then (people moving to other games) and it’ll be a lot less who are playing the game daily. As for the 1000 players daily on Battleborn, that’s the average on PC. That figure doesn’t include PS4 or XBox and both of these platforms are known to have bigger player bases (sadly they don’t release player numbers for any game so we can’t see the stats on these).


Disagree with all points.