Gearbox, view this review link and you will see the main issue of our Frustration with Battleborn

They have to make the game more fun for amatuers and Noobs. It is hard on the noobs and getting humiliated for 30 mins… I totally understand them.


Battleborn is unique, why do people want it to so similar to Overwatch?

It’s okay to take some ideas, but not to re-design the game to be like a more successful one. With that logic there should be the option to destroy the environment and build a house out of Battleblocks.

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I know it’s normal to blame everything on lack of marketing, but it’s deeper than just that IMHO. It didn’t get Overwatch level hype, but how many games do?

Well over 2 million people played the beta. I saw just as many ads for Battleborn as the average game these days. There have been plenty of big discounts and sales already.

In addition to marketing, I think the low player base is also a result of first impressions being less than stellar in many cases. Especially if somebody jumps right into PvP, which can be a horrible experience for new players between not having a clue what to do and getting smashed by a full team of level 100s.

The game will chug along OK with a dedicated small player base for now. The only way to make it big at this point is FTP.

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Well, then your source says one thing and mine says another… Who is telling the truth then? We will never know, but one think that all you 1000 players may all agree on… 1000 players is way low for a game to survive in the future. As I said, I am not here to brag about Overwatch, I want Battleborn to pickup its act and become a even better game because I find the modes more appealing.
Looking at the facts, it is 1000 players vs the rest of the other gamers that could be on Battleborn.
Do you think 1000 players is satisfactory for the game to survive and it has no issues?

Just a personal note: I´m a complete casual + a Noob, and I love Battleborn for being very forgiving about that. Other games (CoD, LoL, even WoW) scared me away because I felt to have no chance accessing the PvP side of the game.
Yeah I get killed often, but if GBX work further on improved balanced Matchmaking while I work on my skills everything will work out fine eventually.

Everyone is a beginner at the start and in games that means we might lose the first matches, but as I experienced this issue its the very same in any game, sport or hobby.


I did not say re-design it. But looking at the facts of a dying game in the future… So tweaks would probably save it because only 1000 players are happy with what they got…

Closer to around 10,000 across the board with a re-growing community, you must remember what happened to Borderlands 1, right?

Further checking and we’re both right, it was 7 million in the first week and Overwatch claimed it reached 10 million players in mid-June.

My point still stands though, 10 million players doesn’t mean 10 million daily players (or even 10 million still playing the game).

Also as I said, 1000 daily players on Battleborn is the PC only average. It’s not total number of PC Battleborn owners and doesn’t take into account the higher daily players on PS4 and XBox.

Yes, Gearbox do need to make tweaks and changes to the game to move it forward. I’d say though that for the points listed in the first post, these aren’t the ones they need to make.

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Can you grantee that miracle happen two times? I do not think so, this is like playing a lottery ticket and hoping for the best… so lets just base this on luck ?

I normally don’t answer to topics like this and I didn’t even bother to watch the video, but here are some thoughts on your short list of notes.

I personally believe character unlocks to be the most enjoyable challenge rewards in the game. Whether through leveling up your CR or completing other challenges.
I, for example did Heliophage Advanced in the first week after launch just to unlock Deande. Didn’t feel like grinding.

I think match time is exactly where it needs to be. Barely enough to make a comeback if you suffered early in the match, but not too long to actually achieve victory if you’re on the offensive.
Also, I never had much trouble with matchmaking, but several other people do. And 15-20 minutes matchmaking for a round of 10-20 minutes seems hardly worth the effort.

While there are some savepoints that set you back quite a distance upon respawn, I’m fine with that.
I mean, I still see people insta-respawn in Story Mode. I can’t tell whether they don’t know about revive mechanics in PvE, or if they just don’t care. But it happens. More save points just encourage this behaviour.
Any team that plays seriously tries to avoid respawning at all, so why bother with the save points?

That would just be annoying, if you ask me. Personally, I haven’t played Overwatch, but I have to ask myself: why would anybody want this?

  • PvP matches have to revolve around strategy, with that you’re right. But I’d rather have a draft system for possible counter-picks, than what you’re describing. Character selection should be permanent, simply because you need to anticipate the enemy’s movement and strategy.
    (IMHO character selection is fine as is, but some people claim a draft pick system is required for truly competitive play, so I included it here.)
  • If you’re not familiar with a character, or feel unsure about playing a whole PvP match with said character, don’t go into PvP in the first place. Just run some normal story missions. Experiment with the Helix, Gear and playstyle.

If the community stops getting injected with people wanting Overwatch 2.0 then sure, it will grow again.


Now, can you tell me what is the total count for battleborn, I really doubt that it is really anywhere near that number. Hey, I am not here to get on peoples nerves, I am just posting in hope that this game will pick up its act and be my favorite game once again…

No matter how many people think/assume/predict the future of BB, it does not turn those assumptions into a hard fact. Its a feeling/opinion/individual perspective.
You assume the game might die, but thats more a individual assumption, no fact.
That BB has less players than OW is a fact. That BB dies because of it is pure assumption.

Yes OW has more players, but LoL has still more players than OW, so if I jump on that train I had to assume OW is doomed to die because of LoL. This is not leading anywhere I guess…

Everything in life & business is affected by incident, luck or misfortune. Theres sadly no guarantee for anything in this universe, since this universe is not perfect.

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Well, history brings lessons and the past reminds us of the failures, if this game does not get better it will rest with : APB , Quake Enemy Territory, Unreal Tournament 3, Monday Night Combat, etc… which all died prematurely… So history repeats itself unless steps are taken to make it better…

As I said in my previous post, the total count for Batteborn can’t be given as PlayStation and XBox don’t release these figures to the public. It’s definitely not as high as Overwatch. PS4 and XBox are higher than PC for Battleborn as can be seen through over-the-counter sales and from the shorter queue times.

I get that you want Battleborn to be your favourite game again, but if you’re banking on all of those changes being made then you’ll be sorely disappointed. To fundamentally change the game design as per all of those points would require a lot of time and effort and would likely alienate a lot of people who are happy with the current game length/no in-game character swap set-up. For very short (max 10 mins) games with all characters unlocked, character reselection in-game you’d really need no levelling-up/helix during a game and a lower TTK. That being the case, then the game for this is Overwatch.

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Over watch from what I’ve seen is team fortress 3, battleborn is something completely new. I think we should encourage new ideas and styles in gaming rather than just go for the old safe formula. I don’t mean to knock overwatch, it does what it does at an amazing level. But as a gamer I want to encourage and support new ideas. is battleborn perfect? No. But making it more like overwatch isn’t the key.


Really, then do not worry like me about the game. I will not repeat everything again and say the obvious. I will just say want the non believers want to hear : the game is perfect at it is and it will live on for 10 years for the only 1000 players who play it. Of course, if it is 1000 very rich players that feed the micro transaction shop because the sales nowadays… puffff. not that good…

PC player numbers are available to the world via Steam.
Nobody has a clue what console numbers actually are except Gearbox, and they aren’t going to tell us. It’s just widely assumed to be better than PC. Only thing to go on are unscientific things like queue waiting time (which aren’t too bad) and the number of “likes/thumbs up” in the PS4 console OS (which are pretty low compared to other games).

1000 is active not total players and your ten million over watch numbers are people who bought the game not active or current players.

I know over watch has a larger player base but please compare honest numbers and stop misleading people.


Brain washing? This isn’t Doctor Who. What?

I’m saying people injecting the constant barrage of “Battleborn should have this because ‘X’ has it” is limiting development and new ideas, instead we want, and have been delivered, innovation and potential. Why stick with the old, past techniques when the future is new?

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