Gearbox vs blizzard, is there a secret war?

first off i also play WOW occasionally, which is a blizzard game, i’m also familiar with some other of their other games. also have played BL1, BL2, some BLTPS, and now BL3. i notice some things that make me go hmmm?

logos borderlands vs overwatch logo, rather close imo

mono wheel borderlands 3 vs mono wheel (mechacycle) WOW, not sure when borderlands 3 and the mono wheel may have been shown, i do find it ironic that WOW added a mono wheel on a patch right around time borderlands 3 PAX announce.

the tiny tina dragons DLC in borderlands 2, there was a quest that spoofed on MMORPG players, PVP camping, along with orc mobs. as a off and on WOW player, i felt a rub wub wub

I believe monowheels are an actual vehicle. And I think South Park spoofed them long ago in a galaxy far, far… er… kinda right here, actually.


I dont think so. I mean apart of Gearbox having badly implemented some mechanisms of Diablo 3 RoS like the mayhem levels, the horder tink, class builds and loot scaling.

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Its no secret that game companies watch, observe and copy successful features from each other in order to trump each other.

Your use of the term “war” would imply some kind of competition but Blizzard doesnt produce any kind of game that would be in the same genre as Borderlands is. So apart from psychological influencers used to generate attention and hype (representation is a huge influencer as can be see with all the F2P games) I doubt they are competing with each other about available playerbase. They simply satisfy different needs so to speak.

Examples as the ones you state are also often implemented as kind of a tribute/compliment to each other. I wouldnt interpret any kind of war into this tho.

Mutual respect, as opposed to a war, I suspect.

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Diablo got their loot goblin from ye olde Golden Axe. SEGA!

And somehow Golden Axe was inspired by Pong!

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Gaming media sensationalised the idea of competition between the two during the pre-release of Battleborn and Overwatch. I highly doubt that was the case, none of the devs ever acknowledged it, but if there is competition between them then GBX lost that battle. There is no war, there is just a competitive gaming market and Activision Blizzard is the giant in this industry.

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You forgot Loot Tink which create a rift to evade and Loot ghosts, they remind me Diablo 3…

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I do think the idea of adding PvE content to Overwatch came from Battleborn. Seemed that Blizzard starting talking about that immediately after Battleborn was announced it would have PvE. (Hence Overwatch 2.)

But, game devs have always borrowed ideas from each other. It seems like they have a healthy attitude towards it, that taking good ideas from other devs and making them your own is really good for the industry and makes for more fun in games for us players. So, yeah, I believe the competition is more friendly than a “war” would suggest. :smiley:

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For me, that logo recalls Half Life immediately whenever I see it.

Well said!

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Honestly, Paladins was closer to Overwatch and Battleborn was closer to Smite.

Paladins also has a pro league like Overwatch and was made by the same company that made Smite.

yes true south park had a episode with one, btw mono wheel 1931

but i’m talking about WOW…maybe cleverly introducing one right around BL3 reveal

was this vehicle shown for borderlands 3 before the reveal at another venue, 2018? was it one of the reveal leaks that the one long time BL streamer had access to, which lead to legal issues?

Actually I think the monowheel has to do with the fact that Star Wars had one or two (the bladed one even looks a lot like General Grievious’), and a lot of BL3’s ideas could be considered Star Wars spoofs.

Also Tiny Tina’s Bunkers and Badasses is a obvious Dungeons and Dragons parody. However as WOW got it’s main inspiration from D&D, there will of course be similarities.

WoW was literally Blizzard mashing together things found in around 20 other MMO’s then slapping a Warcraft skin on it.

The monowheel thing isn’t anything new. I’ve seen similar vehicles in TV shows and movies the pre-date Blizzard itself.

Is Gearbox taking jabs at Blizzard here and there? Possibly. Blizzard IMO was likely the primary contributor to Battleborn getting run into the ground. We saw Battleborn commercials and advertisements for like a week then anywhere we would have seen Battleborn it was replaced with Overwatch. After mass marketing to build hype for it they then launched their open beta for Overwatch I believe on the same day as Battleborn’s actual game launch and saw to it that media would compare the 2 games as if they were the same thing when they weren’t. That’s not to say Battleborn didn’t have problems itself at launch. It suffered from things like poor optimization at launch. However with Overwatch literally being forcefully shoved in everyone’s faces and various websites and magazines saying it’s the same game but better people didn’t give it a real chance even after most of the issues were fixed.