Gearbox vs Blizzard Transparency and Future Plans

It’d certainly be nice.

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You mean like this?


Many don´t watch videos in topics - could you maybe drop one or two lines what exactly you would like to have? Just a short bulletpoint list or some statement/question/start of a discussion would be nice.


The response from Blizzard almost mirrors what i have seen/read here from GBX. Basically came down to

We are working on X, but cant give a date.

We want to work on X, but its a ways out.

Our Focus is X, with plans reaching as far as 2017

and specifically

“I wish I had dates for you but whatever date I gave you would change and then you’d all be mad at me.”

Sounds pretty familiar


Transparency? Seriously? That’s one of the top 5 myths over the past 8 years worldwide.


You can see a lot of ■■■■■■■■ with Blizzards.

Sure, they don’t create anything new, it’s like a spanish YouTuber I follow, Dayoscript, says: They aren’t good on having new ideas, but they are good in using the ideas of others into new, easy materials.

WoW is Everquest with funny colors, Starcraft is Warhammer 40000, Heartstone is Magic: The Gathering for noobs and Heroes of the Storm is LOL for kids… Even Overwatch is a TF2 with waifus so…

But those games are polished, very polished and Blizzards aims to please its community. For that they have so annoying fanboys, always needing their noses to be surgically remove from the company ass…

But I don’t see Gearbox like an obscure company always in silence… The problem is the publisher and when they muffle the devs in materials that involve money, like with the skins and how they tried to pass the ball old the time until the microtransactions and the currency leaked out.

In the rest, possible ideas and whatever, they are there… I want more info on my money part (aka season’s pass) but I don’t feel they are silenced at all and also I feel they want to talk but… You know, between the publisher they have that is… well, you can see Evolve and how a publisher company can destroy a game. And also they can’t talk lightly. Deadlines aren’t usually a good thing for a developer, for that they abuse the word ‘Soon™’, because if they don’t say a thing they don’t communicate and if they say a thing, with a date, and don’t deliver in time people will eat them alive for being dishonest.

So I don’t think our devs aren’t transparent, I think the problem is a little greedy publisher trying to get all under wraps so they can milk the cow before it dies.


Done with the video - As @12326kjr said, it sounds very similar to the things GBX said/could say so far. The usual rather vague put talk, since the Devs are often prohibited by contract to speak about many things. I guess all companies are more or less the same there.

Of course GBX could do a vid too to sum up everything, but at all we got about the same info/talk from GBX/2K regarding BB.

It’s 2k, really. GBX doesn’t normally pull this kinda stuff. I expected to have to pay for t3, and I think 2k got greedy and is leaving GBX out to dry.


Yeah I think so too. Its not always easy to tell what is exactly done/forced by the publisher or the developer… And most times the gamers blame rather the developers than the publishers, which is rather strange. Its like I´d blame BioWare for EA´s greedy business-strategies.

Though my comment above was more referring to the “big whole” of communication, not only the MT-debacle^^


Honestly I didnt read anything that isn’t common sense when it comes to updates in games.
Obviously they are working on new maps and new characters. Some maps dont work out due to various issues so they may not make the cut . . . that’s just how game development goes. This isnt really “transparent”, its just a long winded story about something that could have been explained in 3 bullet points.

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Yeah that’s what I always say too :stuck_out_tongue: almost word for word.
I’d add that Blizzard is somehow like Picasso : that guy is super renown, but he mainly took all the ideas of his friends - Matisse, Brake,… - and iterated a lot from there, which led him to fame. Not someone who created, someone who improved.
Of course people will like or dislike what Picasso did - I’m not very fond of its work myself - and it’s the same with Blizz.

Back to OP, Blizzard is like the most cunning of them all when it comes to communication ( ok maybe Ubi isn’t very far off ). They excel at having nothing to say, but manage to coat that nothingness with GLITTERING BEEEP so that you believe they were so transparent with you. They mastered the secret ways of the Communicationomicon years ago, and can now bend your mind to Their will.
Now I totally picture Rob Prado and Jeff Kaplan and freakin’ Chris Metzen dressed in black horned hoods reciting evil psalms while feasting on the blood of the innocents :stuck_out_tongue:


Anything is better than silence imo.Tho i must admit that jeff is in a far better situation than those at gbx right now since he got a lot more resources to back up his statements,but silence is never the answer.Blizzard has made a whole bunch of developer update videos on youtube.This kind of stuffs please the consumers regardless of their motive.It’s good for business gbx should learn from them.

Sorry, but I see no more transparency than what GBX has given us.


I agree : something is better than silence. That’s one of the key thing Blizzard understood : communication isn’t always about relevance, it’s mostly about … well, communicating. Even if it’s just tap dancing.

However it’s a double-edged blade : you can’t go tap dancing when it’s obvious you’re tap dancing :wink: Or, you can’t entertain an angry crowd.
Wildstar suffered from that : I remember a patch that went live, when people were REALLY needing something fixed ( can’t remember what of course >< ), and the content of the patch was : “the male Aurins ( the freakin’ bunny people ) sitting animation was fixed” or something like that. Well, with a bit of understanding of how things work, you can understand how the people working on fixing that animation were in no way related to the people working on the long-awaited fix, but imagine reading that patch note. Massive fail. No patch note would have been better :wink:

Now imagine 2K or GBX deciding to release a video or a battleplan mostly filled with jokes and stuff. That would not go well at all :smiley:

Ofc the actual contents are more important,but during the mean time people can use some reassurance especially for bb in its current state.Honestly adding MT to the game right now is a really questionable decision.they should have pushed it back to avoid anymore conflict.

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Just to put resources in perspective, Blizzard Studios has approximately 4,700 employees (2012 Est), Gearbox has just under 300 (estimated at 287).

I could dig up some relative revenue numbers (to give you a broader idea of available resources for marketing/pr/promotions/community outreach) but you get the picture.

We have every right to expect more out of Blizzard the GBX, because they have more resources to do more.

Gearbox has given us more info than what is in what you linked to in the OP.

I don’t get it. They do, what is there to complain about here. In fact with the weekly battleplan as well we get more info than Overwatch, we get more updates than Overwatch, but OVERWATCH!!!.

This just looks like a bad case of confirmation bias.


Overwatches dev team size was under 100, according to themselves. BOth are massive though. Small Indie level studios usually have 10 people & under. Real studios start at around 15+, with anything over 75 being considered “Huge”

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Also edited the title because it was misleading

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How is this not an abuse of power?