GEARBOX, we need a change to the surrender option ASAP

It’s getting ridiculous, I can’t finish a match normally anymore. Can’t you use some statistics before the option becomes available?

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Every single time now…

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First there were complains towards players leaving a match and now it’s because they surrender too often. Might as well make a whole new game where it’s only fun to a small group of players.

By any chance Op, are you in premade constantly winning against random pug groups?


People surrender for ridiculous reasons, it punishes everyone, and it screws ppl out of lore and credits. If a person leaves, they’re just hoping the team surrenders so they can get another match, negating the punishment for leaving (ie. having to wait for the match to finish).

Edit: Also, ppl will surrender when a match would be over in less than 30s anyways. It’s a poorly implemented mechanic.


Never. I always play solo or split-screen. I don’t like to destroy noobs or steamroll as people call it. I like even matches, balanced. And even in those matches when it’s 54-50 and I’ve destroyed their first sentry they will surrender these days.

I’ve rarely finished a match the last few weeks like it’s supposed to.

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Yes exactly

I only surrender if (I usually play solo and based on incursion)-

  • my team isn’t capable of a push whatsoever. If it’s the team comp or the lack of co-operation or both.

  • a stomp that very obviously can’t be turned around

  • if the game is so evenly balanced that no team manages to make any progress whatsoever (that has literally only happened once)

  • both teams all have red bars (also only happened once)

If my team refuses to surrender, I’ll stay. I’m not that much of an A-hole. A smaller reason for surrenders is a lack of enjoyment. No one likes losing, period. I applaud the people who can still have fun, even when losing badly, but I can’t. I’m there to win, like most of the other players. I try my best not to surrender, but when I do, I have a valid reason for it. Surrendering with almost no time left to go or before the last sentry goes down is definetly a nasty move though.


I only surrender if:
alani/ambra only self heal
Miko 0 heal
Reyna 0 overshield
Orendi cant land a single pillar and has 0 minions
Assasins go 0-20-0

When my team has 0 idea of whats going on and my character is rly dependant of the team

Those are valid reasons, but as you must know, you and people like you aren’t the ones causing this problem. People today always vote every match, they even vote when we’re winning, are they thinking that’s funny?
It’s too easily available, and people use it without a second thought, without a doubt, without considering what the other people want.
There should be, there must be, more conditions before the vote option becomes available.

Make it so that 4 players have to agree instead of the 3 now.
Score difference >40, vote becomes available.
Player leaves, vote becomes available.
1St sentry down and you can’t damage the opponents first sentry for 10 minutes, vote becomes available.

These are just a few options which shouldn’t be impossible to implement IMO

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A friend of mine playing with me and one other actually had a situation come up having to do with surrender.

She found out she had to come into work an hour earlier than she’d planned on so we surrendered on the spot in a match we were winning…for all the stupid reasons people surrender there are legitimate cases.


It’s not about these exceptions or “special occasions”!


However if you’re going to ask to change how things work then I think that’s a fair point to raise.

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I feel like 95% of the time I try to surrender there are at least 2 players on my team that don’t even know how to surrender if they wanted to I don’t like 4/5 to surrender woof. And also I have zero problem with anyone surrendering to any five man using gally/benedict/ernest/ku/etc. (usually accompanied by 2-3 pieces of legendary gear) that trash is no fun and yall are not good no matter how many games you win. And if you give degenerates like that specific triggers that make the surrender option available you have to be extremely careful about how, because they will alter their playstyle so that those triggers don’t get activated while they exploit you and your team. I get that surrendering can be annoying I’d be suprised if I don’t play as much as any of you so I know what it’s like to have the other team surrender at the first sign of misfortune, and I’ve had nights that I can’t get past level 5, but then I start playing as characters I never play or el dragon and it’s not a big issue. Maybe my experience is different but since I’ve played on ps4 and Xbox I really don’t see this as a issue and definitely don’t think it’s pertinent to the health of the game to create topics like this on a forum where any new player here interested in the game Will see, your just creating a “problem” probably because a team surrendered before you were able to get worthy of song. Gearbox has enough on their plate trying to revive this game let’s stop making more issues for them to “fix” because it’s just as likely that fixing alot of things would just make things worse.


I surrender for one reason only. The match is boring. It doesn’t matter if we are winning or losing, if the opponents don’t offer much of a challenge or if they do offer way too much for my team then I will vote for surrender.

I detest how this game has pve achievements attached to a pvp environment. That’s where most of the complains reside. It’s from those type of players trying to complete lore or earn more credits.

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I only surrender if there is no way to win or having a major (if possible) comeback. Such as losing 429-59 on Meltdown.

I’ve never experienced people surrendering for fun :slight_smile: lucky me. But I can imagine it as a big problem

Sometimes I wonder if people who keep surrendering matches have ever played any other PvP games in their life.

Pretty sick of losing out on credits and XP because my teams are made of babies who expect to do well and be the best 100% of the time and if they aren’t it’s the games fault.

I actually surrender quite often to get out of matches that are complete steamrolls and I’m on the winning side.

Winning’s no fun if it’s boring to win.

A whole lot of team oriented pvp games have the option to leave, quit or surrender. The difference is that with those games, the person that left/disconnected is replaced with other players or with bots. This inconvenience isn’t as noticeable with those games as it is wth Battleborn that have neither of those replacement options.

Edit: Also those games don’t have as much pve rewards or achievements tied to pvp as Battleborn does.


No. 3 is a enough majority. Score difference is meh. You don’t need that wide of a gap for you to know it’s time to take an L. Voting shouldn’t have to be “unlocked.” If anything that would make people try less just so they can vote in my opinion. System is fine how it is

Plus you’re not beeing forced to wait until the slaughter is over. You can just leave and join another game…