Gearbox, What are you Thinking!?

I am sure you all are getting a lot of what I am about to give, but you really did it to yourselves. You released a $60 title, enticing us with promises in multiple interviews and articles that there would be DLC but no microtransactions, tricked us in the early access and open beta that the story mode would be more than just mindless monster wave protect point maps, and some of the most interesting PvP based cross-genre gameplay in a LONG time in the video game industry. You lured us in with the voice of Tiny Tina, the absurd dialogue of Geoff, and colorful taunts of Montana.

Then, you released the $60 title and we realized, dialogue aside, this game wasn’t as well polished as we expected. The terrain is buggy, causing characters like Montana to get stuck on LITERALLY everything, you left the ally minions blocking so tank characters are out of luck when it comes to tanking the front because they can’t escape their own minions, and only 3 levels in the story with any interesting gameplay. Now, you want to take a game with an aggregate (and earned) score of 70 and add a CASH SHOP breaking that one promise, that HUGE promise which caused us Battleborn advocates, the ones who spent hours spreading the word of what Battleborn COULD be, who in turn promised our friends while trying to justify a $60 pricetag, into liars.

We have been looking at these Tier 2 skins for a long time, desperately waiting to get our hands on them because, let’s face it, the recolors are pretty basic. We have been looking at these things in rare glimpses from Closed Beta bot matches waiting for our chance to do whatever it takes in a game promised to be microtransaction free, to unlock these. Now, you have taken the lazy way out and STILL your $60 mediocre release is $60 with a $20 season pass.

Not only does this severely hamper any credibility you have in my book as a game developer going forward, but this has me wishing for a refund. You want to know what I want to get out of this cash shop? What do I want to find in this cash shop going forward? A button to allow me to get a total refund for the $80 I spent. I want every penny back because this is a gross abuse of my trust. I am sorry to everyone I suggested get this game and to all of my friends who spent the $60 in order to play this game with me. It wasn’t worth it because Gearbox and 2K are just as bad as Blizzard.

Instead of improving the game and making it something that can stand out as a competitive title, they would rather implement a cash shop to drive what few players they still have making it even more difficult to find games. The competitive scene was killed off before it even had a chance to exist. Instead of nurturing that aspect of the community, Gearbox and 2K have prioritized adding in a feature which statistically only benefits F2P games. This has been consistently proven, time and time again. And in this case, Gearbox is adding this “feature” to a dying game with a fading community.


It’s almost as if there are several teams of people doing different things and that GBX doesn’t have a lot of say on what is rolled out because the Publisher has much of the power.

Furthermore, many of the games they have put out have paid DLC such as skins, just in a different format. Stop crying about it. It’s dumb.

CASH SHOP breaking that one promise


Listen very carefully.


And people wonder why the devs are reluctant to give out info until things are set in stone…

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If you’d read my post you will see I called out 2K and Gearbox together. Also, Gearbox has around 280 employees, not all of which are programmers. A lot of the asset artists and programmers out of that amount are tied down to new character releases. Another bunch is probably tied down to new level design. It probably took a good number of developers to get this eCommerce thing working although they did save some time by just adding already existing content which they have been teasing us with to the Cash Shop.

That being said, a good number of people were probably working on tweaking the features we need… you know, like the Auto-Rematch feature! Come on! Make the game better through fixing the broke and not adding more probably broke! Alani was a mess of an OP character when she was released and that should have never happened. Yes, I am sure they have teams working on things, but that’s maybe 100-150 programmers and asset designers? It can only go so far.

Welcome to the internet where great things are impeded by people spamming misinformation everywhere and horrible things become huge hits for the same reason… >.>;

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Yeah, I know, I just have this fatal flaw where misinformation being spread around really bothers me.

I’m totally cool if people don’t like the microtransactions, don’t think the price is justified, or even think this set of skins should be otherwise obtainable, but numerous people keep spouting this particular bit of info and I find it rather frustrating.

I’m not a fanboy who will defend every action, but being fair/impartial/truthful matters to me. And if anyone can find a definitive statement that proves me wrong, please share it.

We were told in March that some cosmetics would be sold in-game. Point blank.

Case in point, I’ll just leave this here:

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Yes, thanks.

The original source is here

As far back as November, they said that microtransactions were being considered, but there was no definitive info at that time.

I heard something dropped. Must be a mic.


agree, they make money and not the game. Game cost is too hight for bugged, bad optimaized game, yes i’m buy GTX 960 4 Gb Gpu, game run well now, but it stupid, becouse now in peak time game is didnt find players. U did it Gearbox - 2k …

Honestly, I think the new skins are great, but I also think that for reaching their customers alone they should consider another discount, and also they should work on getting out the first new mission as quickly as possible.

They also really need to talk more about where the game is going, and tell us whether they still care about it. I want to believe they do. Whenever I get irked at them, it comes from a point of how much I adore this game. I’m really tired of seeing games I love go the way of the dodo, it’s genuinely frustrating.

I think that the game could use some marketing, but not of the conventional sort. They should really push the angle of this game’s diversity. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, this has some of the best women (Mellka, Thorne, Shayne, Reyna, Deande, Ambra, et cetera) I’ve seen in video games; It has two characters who visibly count as disabled (Kleese needs mobility, and Benedict has lost his wing and is augmented); It has characters that span a massive age gamut (through teenaged, to middle age, to old); And it has some of the most awesomely handled non-white racial characters since… well, forever.

Plus there are the Rogues, which is a statement in and of itself against all forms of prejudice. Which I also love.

They could really target this at certain niches without huge, expensive marketing campaigns and I think that’d work out pretty well. I know that there are people out there who’d love what they’re doing but all they see are negative things (often due to misinformation) on mainstream news sites like Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

I think Gearbox could also reach out to talk to those sites about the future of their games, as they historically have. Randy seems to have become shy of late, though, ever since the Colonial Marines thing.

And that actually makes me sad because he was always one of my favourite gaming superstars. He has an incredible belief in his people, a pride, that I always found infectious. He’s like a schoolyard kid who’s amazed by all the cool things, and he’s also the guy who listens and wants to do better by people in terms of, for example, how different groups of people are handled by his games.

I definitely think he’d do a lot of good for Battleborn by coming out and talking to people again. Sometimes, he’s all the ‘marketing’ you need, just because his enthusiasm is infectious.

I know the games industry though can really beat you down. It’s the reason we don’t really see much of Gabe Newell either, despite Valve’s games also being consistently amazing. Poop.

Ultimately, I just thnk they need an attitude adjustment. They need to sort themselves out, figure out what they’re doing, communicate that, and get Randy talking again.

But yes, that’s my thoughts on the matter.

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See how this article was released in March?
“Battleborn will offer cosmetic microtransactions, publisher 2K Games has confirmed.”

At no point did they say there won’t be MTs. They just said they were still thinking about it.

Yeah, they could have told that the skins we had seen worn by bots would be paid extra content. But even then, they weren’t lying.

Even when I’m not agree about these skins in particular (because they let the community believe they were part of the game and they were Harpo Marx on us when people asked about them and they also were in beta and when I see something in a beta, until the developer say otherwise, I assume is part of the base game on release), even when I think they are overpriced as hell for being T2 skins and when I hate the model in what they are selling them (with a currency in where you can’t get exactly the currency you need for a skin or taunt), I was waiting for microtransactions because they said so themselves.

The thing is not with these skins, not with T2 skins, not before the first dlc release or at least info about that dlc and not with these prices or currency.

Maybe they can do the ‘State of the game’ thing that Ubisoft does for Division?

In at least one interview I watched late last year or early this year, the statement was made by someone at Gearbox that there would be no microtransactions but that they were planning DLC. If I remember correctly, this was in context of a question asking about microtransactions concerning gear packs, but the statement was pretty clearly blanketed towards no micro transactions.

That being said, fine, maybe I jumped the gun on that, but my opinion stands. A $60 retail box WITH planned DLC AND Microtransactions, Gearbox/2K are turning into Blizzard! Next, I hope they will allow a marketplace where we can sell our gear for real money!

The difference between Gearbox/2K is pretty obvious though: As much as I love Battleborn, it wasn’t nearly as polished as Overwatch. I hate to say it. I wanted Battleborn to surprise people, to be something new and amazing… instead we got an unpolished and at times mess of a game at a full $60 release. Now, after most of the community has left, they have decided to release a cash shop? Regardless of whether or not they promised to avoid a Cash Shop, this is a dumb decision and a major betrayal to the few of us who have stuck around.

Competition is so fierce for Gearbox. GBX is destined to fail with such Product Quality Level. BL3 can not save it

This is one of those threads that goes nowhere positive.

Also: insulting other forum users who have a different opinion to yourself is a great way to get your thread closed.