Gearbox.....what did you do to my Ogre? My beloved Ogre


It’s a Vladof weapon now, and it does miserable damage, with a slow fire rate for a weapon with a minigun barrel.

Poor damage despite the card saying it does 536 per shot, poor splash damage, it’s slow fire rate, slow projectile speed, and it’s explosive effect (that obviously Vladof did not 3 way call with Atlas and Torque on) sucks so badly, it’s been relegated to wall mount only.

I farmed and farmed and farmed hoping to get one of these and relive my BL1 Ogre days, but no…those dreams were dashed upon the rocks…eviscerated by the horror of what you did to my poor Ogre.

R.I.P Ogre. You are in fact, truly dead, with but an imposter wearing your likeness and making a mockery of your name in your stead.

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I use a Binary Ogre as my main Moze weapon. It literally allows her to fire forever without ever reloading, and regenerate grenades faster than she can throw them. Burst damage on the Ogre itself may be underwhelming, but sustained damage is solid and the infinite grenades are downright OP.

They changed the manufacturer on several weapons i.e. the hellfire is now a dahl instead of a maliwan, the nemesis is now alo a freaking dahl instead of a hyperion. Sledges shottie has gone from a jakobs to a bandit and now back to a jakobs lol i’m sure there are several more too but those come to mind

i assume they do this to fit weapons into their niches better, though I am not sure about the hellfire, though I am glad its a dahl gun, I like dahl in this game

We had the same kind of complains about BL1 guns returning in BL2.
They are hommage to past glory for the most part. Collectibles.
(Not that have any freakin idea where I’ll put “collectibles” in our tiny bank.)

Some may work great but they’ll be the exception.
The world changed. Time to move on Raider.

I do agree changing manufacturer kinda s***. Probably related to game/gun mechanics.

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This is what starts the war the watcher was talking about. Blatant trademark theft. Borderlands 4 the corporate war.


Honestly with how crap Maliwan is now and the story points that happen in 3, I doubt we’ll be seeing Maliwan anymore anyhow LOL

Nah, In think it’s just mistakes made by the people they outsource these checks to.

There were plenty of messups in all the Borderlands games that never got fixed.

I have an engulfing ogre and it sucks. Honestly.

This is not good to hear. The Ogre is easily in my top 5 favorite weapons.

I’ll have to test it myself when I find one. I hope it’s at least tolerable.

I agree slightly. I was super excited to get an Ogre drop only to find out it’s not that great of a weapon. Maybe for Moze, but definitely not for Amara.

I also wasn’t a fan of how “loose” the weapon felt compare to the BL2 version. My BL2 Ogre was one of my fav weapons on Axton. Maybe if they tighten up the spread of the rocket-bullets to match the BL2 version I’d like it more, but as it stands I up and sold mine to make room for better stuff.