Gearbox what have you done :/?

It’s Official: The Universe Is Dying Slowly

Article released yesterday :


Don’t you see? Gearbox has been tasked by the governments of the world to create a game that will secretly train us to be ready to do battle at the end of the universe.Those whose who reach the highest levels of PvP matchmaking will be shot in to space ASAP with high powered weaponry and lots of Astronaut Ice Cream.


It’s called entropy.
For more info watch this

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So let me get this straight - if I work my tail off and become a top pvp player in this game I can finally make my way into space, get away from all the crap happening on this dirt ball called Earth, mess around/use advanced weaponry, AND I get a ton of Astronaut ice cream???

quits job

Let’s do this!!!

Honestly, it’s all about the ice cream :wink:


Must. Not. Spoil. Cool. Book. This post reminds me of.

Imagine that the events from BB are actually happening and GBX just predicted the future by means of making a game.

Or this. Dibs on the shotguns!

This is honestly how I live my life.


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