Gearbox, when will you let us buy more loadouts and bank space?

I am getting really tired of playing the Battleborn implementation of the inventory “tetris” mini-game that you seem to think is required in all of the games you create. At least the version of the mini-game that you forced us to play in the Borderland series had the added complication of different gear slots and multiple equipped weapons, which made it a bit interesting. This one is so “simplified” that it gets really tedious very quickly.

If you want to make me, and many other members of the Battleborn community, very happy, you will not only increase the current number of loadouts and bank space pages that can be purchased with in-game credits, but you’ll also let people who are unwilling to grind the credits, purchase the additional space using platinum.

For extra, bonus, happiness points (which are exchangeable for internet wins): Let us also buy character-specific loadout slots!


Could you share what are your loadouts? I’m only using a few of them, and I feel 9 loadouts is more than enough for me:

  • melee (+attack speed, +attack damage, -reload)
  • ranged (+reload, +shards, +shield penetration, -heal power)
  • healer (+heal power, +sprint)
  • capture (+shards, +shards, +sprint)

I don’t think I need any more. What are your loadouts that ypu need more than 9 of them?

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You have lore gear yet?

Many people would like more loadout slots as you can see in this thread where 1 or 2 loadout slots per character seems popular:

Each character on lore completion gets their own legendary gear. Also different modes require different loadouts even for the same character. For example, Capture typically requires cheap or no-cost loadouts due to limited shards. Story mode can require different loadouts (typically I have a health regeneration gear item in story but don’t use one in PVP). Plus certain gear doesn’t work well/at all with certain characters (reload is no good with Orendi, shield recharge is no good with Eldred etc).

With the above variations and more, it’s easy to find 9 loadouts are not enough. I’m often juggling and swapping loadout items depending on what I’m playing and the characters I am using. I’d therefore love at least one loadout per character.

@Nitpick: I’m guessing you only play PvP?

It’s completely different for those of us who only play PvE where we’ll frequently run 2 or even 3 legendaries.

While a few of the lore legendaries are pretty useless (especially since they only have mid-ranged values), for most characters, you’ll want a loadout tailored to them, using their own lore legendary. I could even see having at least 2 character-specific loadouts, one with a shard generator, and one without.

Since PvP seems to require loadouts with a much lower shard cost, I can’t even imagine how people who like playing both modes manage with only 9 loadouts. As it is, when I decide to start focusing on leveling a new character, I have to recycle the loadout of a character whose lore I’ve already completed, and stop playing them.

I would also like some additional bank pages, since I’m trying to hang onto the best low-cost gear I find, just in case I decide I want to someday get back into PvP again. The increased legendary drop rate has actually made this need for additional space even worse, since I want to keep one of every legendary I find. It’s always possible that Gearbox will someday lay down their nerf hammer, and start polishing up some of the worst of the “turd” legendaries.

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My healer build is all legendary, Quartermastery bin, Solar Sustainer and well, now it has Ambra’s lore gear… It is quite powerful… There should have been one loadout per character, and enough bank space to handle ftr 5 factions times gear types times let us have enough for three of the rarities? Hang on… 5213= 315 or 5215= 525 take your pick for the number of slots you want…

I really need this because i use every character and i want a good gear set for all of them. 26 characters but only 10 gear slots? Really???

Here’s what @Jythri had to say on the subject of the loadout

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Cool, hadn’t seen that (don’t go on Reddit). I can work with that (especially with the ability to rename them), but would definitely like more.

PvE - Meltdown - Incursion

PvE (defense) - PvE (DPS) - Meltdown - Incursion

PvE - Meltdown - Incursion

This is already 10 on just 3 chars. Personally I have asked for 499 bank slots and 30 gear load-outs. I personally use very different items for each character and also in different modes.

I am astounded that you feel you are OK with just 9 which to me seems to little for anyone to setup more than 2 chars for more than 3 modes.

Because instead of using a generic loadout, you could use a more specific load out that will serve a much better purpose. For example, for Thorn I use +Skill Dmg/+Skill Dmg after kill, +Health Regen/+Max Health/-Shield, and +Max Health/+Max Health/-Shield. This literally could only be used by Eldrid, because any non-Eldrid except Kleese and Shayne will just about lose their shield. Also, it’s saving me practically 600 shards which is crucial along with not really benefiting many other characters nearly as much. Also for Ambra, I use a Shard Generator, her lore legendary, and +Max Health. Her lore legendary isn’t going to do much for any other character.

Those are just 2 out of the 9 loadouts I remember off the top of my head, and the majority of them are like that.

Okay, thanks for explaining. For me just 4-6 loadouts are enough, but I can see how it might be not enough if you want to maximize the stats.

Very interesting read, thanks for linking it!

Since it sounds like any possibility of character-specific loadouts is quite a ways off, I hope they will at least provide us with some tools for organizing the generic loadout slots at the time they finally up the limit.

If I had 30 to 50 “general” loadout slots with the ability to put them in sets/folders, move/copy/re-order the loadout slots, and maybe double the number of characters available for naming them… I wouldn’t really need character-specific slots (though I would still want them, just cause I’m a greedy bastard).

Along with at least double the currently available bank space, this would go a long way to alleviate my problems with the inventory management system in the game.

You know, I hadn’t thought of this possibility at all. Now that I have I think I wouldn’t mind seeing the ability to do this. Also, being able to label loadouts by checking off boxes (one for each character, one for each playstyle, one for each attribute, etc) so you could sort them on the fly as needed. The default order would be the order you ranked them in yourself (like you can for your steam wishlist) and the others would be by whatever criteria you choose (like by character, by attributes, etc). Anyway, this is probably stuff for way off in the future as I think Gearbox has other things they need to focus on first.

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