Gearbox, Why God Why?

I love this game.

I truly do.

You KNOW I do.

But…but…but…why focus so much on "balancing’ characters and not on attempting to implement changes to bring in more players to fix the ever shrinking player base?

Were across the board AOE nerfs made as a result of El Dragon’s En Fuego Dragon Splash stun to pummel being AOE based?

Why reintroduce Shepherd bots and their accompanying Overshields back into Incursion if you are going to big nerf AOE, one of the most efficient methods of wave clearing?

I mainly making this post because tonight I was able to convince 4 friends who had switched over to Overwatch to play,

They were NOT impressed with the changes.

Thoughts @Jythri and @JoeKGBX ?


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Honestly, I don’t feel that strategic changes are the problem. We all experience these equally and have to work to overcome them.

The biggest obstacle to the game growing is, and always has been, the matchmaking. Quick Match repeatedly matches full-100 teams against teams of brand new, single digit players - and we’re helpless to do anything about it. I have not played balanced game of Meltdown or Capture for almost a fortnight now. And many 100s seem unrepentant about killing these players at spawn and taunting them.

Until we have a matchmaking system that pools ten players and then fairly distributes them, this game will always bleed out its new playerbase. It’s already back to being a wasteland on weekends in Australia. :frowning:


If I remember right, it didn’t even require a weekly hotfix to turn them off when the bug of 6 shepards in pack appeared.

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It’s a damn shame


Hence why I’m “sticking to my guns”, so to speak, with what I said earlier this week. Incursion has become very unfun, and while it continues to be this way, I’ll just steer clear of it for now. I’m also going to hold my wallet hostage, as I said I would, no matter how cool those new taunts are. I still have platinum left over, but I think I’ll just use it to completely rank up the remaining heroes I have. Been working on masteries, with Ambra being the last one I need, then I’ll buy some xp boost and complete the game.

The gameplay, prepatch, was enough for me to continue playing weekly. Now, not so much. No sense going on and beating a dead horse, I’ll check back next week for any changes or discussions.


AOE’s were nerfed because devs deemed them too powerful at waveclearing - one AOE would usually end up clearing one wave. They were also very good at killing people, apparently too much so.
I also assume Face-Off is one of the reasons - regular team fights in a small area… AOE’s would dominate.

I haven’t played many matches with the changes but from what I’ve played I do think sentries go down way too fast. The shield goes down in seconds and if there are any minions or thralls left the sentry goes down immedately too.

I also don’t get the stealth change to the sentrys attacks. What is that attack supposed to do? It hasn’t shot me once so far and I pummeled two sentries to death as Pheobe. It seemed to just distort visuals but do nothing else lmao.


The way I look at it is this. How much do we value the “push” element to the game? Are minions just an annoyance, or vital part of the stage? If weak minions or stronger wave clearing AOEs are the thing, then escorting minions are pointless. If push type characters are to be a thing, then isn’t this a step in the right direction. I see it as good change.

I must agree when I first encountered it. I was caught off guard and was a bit put back. But quickly realized that I was better off focus firing down priority targets vs blasting low minions and hold back from pressing forward as hard.


You were lucky because those attacks missed you. I’ve lost count of how many times that damned attack took me from max health/shields down to almost nothing and I had to run 'lest an enemy BB finish me off.


I like the stronger minions but I agree with this, at least in part. It’s mostly Oscar Mike’s nerf that bothers me. I don’t think it was necessary. He was exceptionally good at wave clear but now that waves are tougher it’s not so easy anymore. I’m not sure both steps were needed.

Balance is good, and I’m really grateful Gearbox is taking the time to try and improve games. But it can also make you feel a lot less excited about playing a character. I don’t really feel as enthusiastic about playing OM as I did.


The thought of them removing shepherds makes me irate. It’s made multiplayer much, much more focused on objectives instead of aoe and then enemy kill. The game is supposed to be heavily objective based, killing enemies is incidental. Like, I’m sorry people are upset that it’s more difficult, but communicate with your team to focus them down. It’s really not that hard.

A lot of the complaints I’ve seen since patch can be responded to with “get good and adapt”, and that’s the adage I would stick by.


A more riveting campaign experience would be pretty sweet. More butts and dead people :smiley:


Removing something is very different than recoding a rather complex mechanic.
To OP:
Balance and the people who would get players back are completely different, and resources are not shared. One could respond that you could have remove people balancing and replace them with people working on helping the game in a different way, but balancing is still very important.

No, they were changed because minions were jokes with a short punchline.

Shepherds were always supposed to be there. What you and others adjusted to wasn’t Incursion, it was an alternate permutation.

If they prefer OW, it’s because they prefer to focus on killing enemies, not a MOBA style game like Battleborn. This simply may not be the game for them. That’s just life.

If any of that sounded blunt or rude, it’s only the former. :acmaffirmative:


Melee characters can wave clear just fine. Doesn’t really have to be about the wave clear characters all the time. They nerfed it because it was easy mode. Wave clear from a mile away, set it and forget it. Now you have to concentrate on the minion waves then battleborn. I do think they need to buff the AOE just slightly and maybe buff the sentry. Maps like echelon you can’t even perform a flank attack if you are stuck at the sentry without it getting blasted and destroyed by minions in 5 seconds


That’s what the old attack did. Now it feels like a bee sting and I’m not allergic :joy:


It’s much more constant. Feels like hundreds of bee stings rather than one injection

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Oh yeah indeed, I went to check how it acts now. A barrage of shots, but very slow so they’re relatively easy to dodge if you’ve got any space to do so.
Which means backdooring is much easier now because the sentry can’t protect itself from you unless you don’t know how to move.

I wonder who thought that needed to be any easier.


I love the new incursion, minions are a real dangerous. Before the buff, OM or orendi would destroy minions and leave no exp for me.
Heal a minion was pointless.
Many matches with same skill lvl players would end in draw or 10 sec kamikaze attack to deal 1 point of dmg.
OM, thorn, el dragón focused more in their aoe skills instead of normal attack.

I think the new dmg of aoe is right but the size is to small, it should be increased a bit.
Assasins can destroy minions, just like pusherd.

Sentry new beam was changed to avoid snipes from the sentry, must of the time it would 1 hit kill battleborns like orendi or melka, now is your fault to get hited, you have enough time to react.

I got killed by the old beam so many times!! It could dmg behind a wall…

Shepherd are an amazing tool to push, idk why everyone seems to hate them… Just hit their crit spot and try are out, also their overshield dosent increas and everyone can use shield penetrstor.


Thanks for the great inputs and replies, everyone.

Did they ACTUALLY weaken the Sentries or do they just SEEM weaker in comparison to the stronger Minions?

They just seem weaker. The thing is, minions have always been great at destroying sentry’s shields, it’s just that they died far too quickly to efficiently kill a sentry. now, they don’t, and on top of this, their damage grow overtime. So Sentries die like nothing if you let minion waves unchecked for a little while.

Which is exactly what should happen in an incursion mode. Wave clearer are NOT supposed to be gone from the wave for long. A pusher not killing minions is like a miko throwing kunai. It’s necessary from time to time, but when one has been throwing kunai for a long while without healing, there’s a problem somewhere.