Gearbox will be the most epic Team. If they do this

They have too do a taunt that rath have a scouter a say ITS OVER 9000!!!


Actually I’m surprised they haven’t did something like this considering Raths voice actor.

Yeah, it IS surprising, considering that Gearbox has referenced the following, that i can think of anyways:

Legend of Zelda
Super Mario Bros
Arrested Development
The Bangles
Etc. (I’d be here all night, if i listed all of them).

Even Reyna’s Warcry is a super sayian reference.
I would definitely pay for a Rath “Over 9000!” taunt.

Where is the video killed the radio star taunt

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Oh GOD, that song… Haha! Looks like we’re in a similar age group, my worthy doppleposter.

Good song, what though the bangles split early

“Good” wasn’t the word that came to mind. More like… maddening. It’s really just the chorus: “video killed the radio star!” “Video killed the radio star!”;
It’s worse than the ultimate call-outs in this game…

The tv singing was good

not to mention reyna doing a death drop, which was popularized by drag queens on Rupaul’s drag race :joy:

Countless others that i haven’t the patience to list.

I’m shocked they haven’t already tbh. Everything is set up for it

I want that soo bad now.

It needs to be done.

Rath has already so many cool taunts but THAT would be the Peak. It would be enough to make me play Rath although I tend to only die with him. It would be still worth it.

I don’t play Rath and I want this anyway.